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It’s Friday, folks!

CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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What?  No Friday thread? Did everyone take it off?  I guess I’m getting a paid PTO day without having to use it.  I went into work and our network is down.  So we were told to go home.  Can’t access anything on my laptop without the network so it’s a freebie day.  I’ll check to see if we’re up and running every so often, but other than that, guess I got a three day weekend!  This actually works out for me since i didnt get up to workout.  I’ll do some workouts on my 3 hour “lunch”. 


Re: It’s Friday, folks!

  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    @CharmedPam Very cool! An unexpected day off is always nice. Hopefully Monday isn't too busy from today being an unexpected day off.

    Thankful that today is Friday. It's been a long week and work has gotten absolutely crazy. It'll stay like this until January unfortunately. I foresee lots of late evenings and weekends working while babe is napping or after bedtime.
  • I have a lot of errands to run after work.  But the rest of the weekend should be relaxing and I'm also taking Monday off to burn up some vacation time.

    Some of the restaurants who participated in restaurant month are extending their specials through various points, with some of them going all the way up to Nov. 30th.  Plus restaurant week is scheduled for Oct. 5th-Oct.11th.  I've already seen one of the restaurants I had really wanted to go to but didn't get a chance, is not participating in the extended restaurant month, but IS participating in restaurant week.  Yeah!  One more chance, lol.  It's called something like Rosie's on the Roof and it's near the D-Day museum.  Some of the decor pays homage to the classic American icon, Rosie the Riveter.  And its on the top floor of high-rise hotel, so the views are awesome.
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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    I'm glad this week is coming to an end. It's been too busy and stressful, and it doesn't really help that there's a major Jewish holiday at the end of it, followed immediately by a return to work.

    Still, it will be nice not to have to come into the office for the next few days.
  • I wish I had today off *sigh*

    Tomorrow my mum and I are going shopping for xmas gifts tomorrow. I'm hoping to get most of it done.

    We're in the process of clearing up our clutter in our main level to expand where BabyKitten can go. Our stairs are not able to use babygate at the stair because
    a - we cannot do gate on our style of stairs
    b - with Angel being blind, we have limited options
    c - we have to have pet door and also don't work on most stairs but we do have it at top

    Hoping to get more done this weekend though.
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I'm in a funk today. H and I had a run in with a racist Karen (sorry if anyone is named Karen!) last night at the park. (For context, I'm white; H is Hispanic.) She got upset about some imaginary whatever and started screaming. First, she threatened to call the police; H laughed at her. Then she and the man she was with started screaming racist things and telling H to go back to his own country. Then I started screaming and telling them to leave, which they did. The whole thing started and ended in less than 10 minutes, but I can't stop thinking about it. I hate people. 

    Otherwise, I'm glad it's Friday. Five day work weeks are the worst. We're going "camping" this weekend and taking a vacation day Monday. It's not really camping; we're sleeping in a cabin. But still, the weather is nice, there's good hiking trails and campfire. I'm excited to be outside and not working for a couple of days. 
  • Wow @MyNameIsNot i'm so sorry that people are so fucking awful.  I can't even begin to understand how a person feels justified or ok with acting like that.  Sending good vibes your way.  

    We're both off this afternoon and i'm looking up nature preserves or something to go wander around with the boys later.  It's so gorgeous out -60 degrees and clear and sunny!
  • @MyNameIsNot That's awful! I genuinely do not understand why people think it's okay to say nasty things to people. Sorry you and your H had to deal with it :(

    {side note there is a mom named Karen in my mom group - she's the least Karen ever and we laugh. She calls people Karens all the time too lol!}
  • @MyNameIsNot that's horrible and I'm sorry it happened. 

    SSDD.  Just working away and trying to get caught up on my regular work and this training work.  My aunts come into town this weekend which means a Barnes and Noble trip and lunch with my parents.  I haven't seen them in forever and I'm going to stay masked.  Then just home.
  • @MyNameIsNot I am sorry people are so awful. I hope you can shake the feeling of these people soon. 
    @ILoveBeachMusic can you listen to your books? I know audible does like a month free trial (but you must absolutely remember to cancel that shit, lol), that way you could "read" and cross stitch at the same time. :)

    Things are good here. DH is going to start going into the office more frequently, and it on the other side of the city, so we are looking at getting a second car. He wants a mini Cooper, idk why. 

    I was organizing my sewing shelves today and had to refold some fabric to fit into a box. This is fabric I bought recently for a specific project I am going to start soon. I have now discovered it is the wrong size. *Whomp whomp* Specifically, it is the wrong shape. I needed 1/4 yard, short and fat, and what I have is 1/4 yard, long and skinny. So my easy, breezy, no problem project turned into "I have to do math 😒". Its not the end of the world but still annoying. 

  • @MyNameIsNot, that is really awful and upsetting.  I find hate speech jarring even if it isn't directed at me or someone I'm with.  I also find having issues with strangers jarring, for whatever the reason is.  I hope you and your H have an awesome 3-day weekend!  Staying in a cabin is my idea of camping, lol.  I like beauty and the outdoors, but definitely prefer a real bed, bathroom, and kitchen as opposed to a tent.

    My H and I had a really funny conversation.  He told me he really wanted to camp in our backyard.  My main question was why our backyard and not a campsite.  He said a campsite would be cool too, but wanted to keep it simple and had a hankering to sleep outside.  I pointed out we don't even have a tent and would need to buy one.  And also made it very clear that it does not sound remotely appealing to me and I would not be joining him, when there is a perfectly good bed about 15 steps away, lol.

    But I offered up our dog Izzy!  She'd probably love it.  She could go back and forth between cuddling my H and roaming the backyard at will (it's totally fenced in).
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  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    @MyNameIsNot That is awful, I'm so sorry you and your H had to experience that. People are the worst and it's only getting more problematic under this administration.
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    MNIN - That is awful and some people are absolutely deporable.  Why can't people just mind their own business and better yet, be kind to each other?

    The next week will be busy.  H has to get an endoscopy and colonoscopy to rule out Chrons' disease.  So Sunday he needs to get a covid test and then stay homebound until his test on Thursday.  So I have to do all drop off and pick ups for daycare.  Since we will only need one car, we are getting our other one looked at prior to our vacation in a few months.  We also don't know what time H's appointment will be.  With daycare opening at 8:30 and H's driver/care giver being unable to leave once he is dropped off, I hope it will be later in the morning.  We won't find out until Wednesday though.  All the other approved people for daycare are either working or 2 hours away.

    This weekend, we will work on the shower door some more and hopefully finish it.  We are at the point where we need to install the glass onto the frame, so its the hardest part!  We will probably eat out, since we are still doing outside dining here and the weather is really great for it!
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    @MyNameIsNot - I'm very sorry you had to experience that.

    @OliveOilsMom - best of luck to your H.
  • I’ve had to be in the office, wearing a suit, meeting with people every day this week. I truly do not know how I used to do this all the time. I’m exhausted. Next week it’s leggings and the couch the whole time. 
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    Thanks all. I'm trying to just process and let it go. I feel like it's something that happened more to H rather than to me, if that makes sense. It's interesting how our reactions and emotions are different. But thanks for letting me vent. 

    @short+sassy I would get him hammock. He can sleep or nap out in the yard all he likes, without the expense and hassle of a tent. He'll probably get mauled by mosquitoes and quickly realize why people started living inside as soon as we found the technology to build houses. 
  • Holy shit @mynameisnot.  That's just awful and scary.  Fuck that Karen. 

    We had our own park run-in last night, but it was not nearly as dramatic as that.  We had our pack kickoff meeting at a local park last night.  It's when all the new scouts and parents come in and are introduced to everyone else.  It's usually a big cookout, but we just had prepackaged snacks and bottled drinks. 

    Anyway we had a PA and as a den of younger scouts were doing a skit on popcorn sales, these two teenagers showed up and demanded to use the mic. I was the first to respond and was all, "Uh, no.Go away."  They didn't leave, so a bunch of other pack leadership went over and told them more forcefully to scram.  A parent noticed they had two friends hiding in the bushes and basically they were doing some challenge or prank they were trying to film for god knows what.  So we think they're gone and then as we're presenting awards about 45 min later, this kid jumps up on a picnic table behind us and starts saying some inappropriate shit.  DH walked over to him and was all, "HEY YOU NEED TO GO...NOW!!!!"  DH's restraint from cussing at him was admirable knowing his sailor mouth. DH said he wanted to body slam him.   It was so obnoxious and frustrating.  

    I was having an all right day until my FIL pissed me off.  I know I shouldn't get mad over shit said on FB, but he made a comment on SIL's post that makes me want to scream at him based on previous behavior and things he's said to my H this summer.  He's so fucking tone-deaf and unaware of how he comes off as an asshole, or he knows and doesn't care (it's 99% the former). I just hope DH reads it a different way, but I'm hurt for him. It's one of those things I can't really bring up unless DH does because I don't want for him to feel bad when he may not see it the way I do. 

    Anyway, I did grocery pick up for tomorrow.  I couldn't get everything I wanted, like alcohol and a small bunch of asparagus (I was not paying $8 when I only need like $3-4 worth).  But having it 95% taken care of is better than spending the time doing it myself. 

    I think our friends may be coming over Sunday to watch football.  Also, the weekend is going to be very fall-like. I'm hoping we do a bonfire.  We have a lot to burn in our firepit. 
  • L'Shana Tova @Jen4948  that's awful @MyNameIsNot , I'm sorry you guys dealt with it
    @STARMOON44 same.  The getting dressed every day is my only qualm with schools be feels unnatural (and I don't even wear suits).
    We're supposed to have some lovely autumn weather this weekend, it'll be in the 50s, the kids are psyched to help me decorate for fall inside and out.  Visiting my parents tomorrow and doing some cooking-for-next-week on Sunday.  Toying with returning to mass in-person, since I'm back at work anyway. But maybe next weekend.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    I’m so upset. We couldn’t afford to lose RBG. 

  • levioosa said:
    I’m so upset. We couldn’t afford to lose RBG. 
    Screw 2020. 
  • And today broke me. 

  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    And today broke me. 
    Same. Heartbroken. Truly. 

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