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Okay so now it’s Thursday!

I missed yesterday because we took a little day trip to a village in ski country with the baby! H took the day off from job searching and we had a fun family outing. We walked around an arboretum and had lunch on a patio. Baby did so good he didn’t cry at all at lunch. I felt like a champion parent. Here’s us in a very basic fall photo!

Please someone do Prudie with MrsConn on vacation! 


Re: Okay so now it’s Thursday!

  • Love the photo! Very cute and great colours :)

    I had a clinic call yesterday regarding BK's eczema.
    Back story - I may have mentioned her having it before. It's just got progressively worse and we've been suggested so much stuff.
    I asked for a referral to a dermatologist because I don't want to feel like we're missing something.
    Dr gave us script for a new steroid {we were using hydrocortisone but likely not enough} and she sent referral but childrens hospital apparently doesn't like to do eczema referrals for whatever reason.
    She did confirm we were doing everything we could with what we had for info.

    I said we got aquaphor and a few days after it was looking great, then she scratched back of her knee to hell and it had a few drops but it was mostly plasma. Wiped with cloth and been polysporin it. We can't gauze it because BK likes to strip so we can't keep jammies on {all her jammies are 2 pieces now lol - hoping in colder weather we can do a sleeper again but not holding my breath ...}

    M is dairy sensitive so we're going to start cutting down and at least 95% out of dairy since dairy and wheat are highest likelihood if it's a food allergy.
    We have call with her allergist on Nov 3rd and she suggested we ask about testing.

    We have a steroid to try and help clear this round out. She may keep as on going script if it works for when she gets another flair up.

    Today we have contractor in. M & I discussed about funds and we are doing serious cut backs for xmas depending on this cost.
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    Love the scenery @charlotte989875!  Sounds like a great day. Do you live on the East Coast? You must.

    anyway Hubie Halloween was a fail last night.  Adam Sandler is going downhill.  Loved that it was set in Salem but that’s about it. 
    Tonight is a social distance outdoor dinner with my weightloss group before we go back to virtual in November. 

  • Wow! That is beautiful Charlotte! What a lovely day.

    SSDD here. DS and I did some gardening this morning. I finally repotted some seedlings we started back in March. I had a plant I didn't really like die and that made space to make a little fairy garden for DS. 
  • beautiful picture @charlotte989875

    Need to figure out an outfit for Sunday. My company is giving us each a 15 min photo session with our corporate photographers (who are also very expensive wedding/family photographers). Normally we just do our own photos of B in a local park and it turns out fine. He actually still fits in the outfit he wore last year which I love but I feel like I need something different. Don't even want to think about what I need to wear, ugh
  • Love the scenery @charlotte989875!  Sounds like a great day. Do you live on the East Coast? You must.

    anyway Hubie Halloween was a fail last night.  Adam Sandler is going downhill.  Loved that it was set in Salem but that’s about it. 
    Tonight is a social distance outdoor dinner with my weightloss group before we go back to virtual in November. 
    Yes! We’re in Buffalo and have had some beautiful weather lately!
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    @charlotte989875 Gorgeous photo! Happy to hear you had such a nice outing! 

    SSDD here. My doc put me on a new anti-anxiety medication and it's really screwing with my sleep. It gives you incredibly vivid dreams, which isn't usually an issue for me, but the dreams this week have been nightmares. I'm hoping that after a few weeks this side effect subsides.

    We have no childcare tomorrow through next Wednesday so H and I are going to have to do double duty with work and baby watching. It's the worst time of year for me to have to try and work from home and watch DD so fingers crossed H has quiet days at work and can pick up the slack.
  • @charlotte989875, the scenery is gorgeous!  That sounds like such a nice day out.

    Yesterday, I found out something New Orleans and Buffalo have in common (with Tampa, FL).  Those are the top three cities where home ownership for single homeowners is substantially higher for women than it is for men.  Though I'm not sure if they mean single as in literally unmarried or single in that only one person owns a house.

    The stats:  In America’s 50 largest metropolitan areas, women “out own” men by more than 1.5 million properties, with the highest ratios of single female homeowners in Tampa, Florida (where single women own 16.4% of households and single men own 11.5%), New Orleans (16.1% versus 10.9%) and Buffalo, New York (16.1% to 10.2%)

    I can post Prudie if no one else does on my lunch hour.  Which is about an hour from now (11:30 Central).

    I'm overwhelmed and unmotivated by all the work I have, both personal and with my employer.  So, the usual, lol.  My one "business" tenant that is running the mini-nursing home I've mentioned previously had her next month's rent (after move-in) due today.  She already paid it yesterday so, yay!, good sign for the future, lol.

    I'm also going to be turning in my third and last draw on my loan today, ie one of my important personal items to get done, lol.  There are still a few things that don't matter for the draw that we need to get spruced up before it's ready for a new tenant.  But I know that same business tenant already wants it.
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  • I forgot to mention, I did pick up some Amazon items during Prime Day deals over the last couple days.  Though most of the items weren't involved in the sale and I didn't get anything major, lol.  Someone on here (sorry, I forget who) had mentioned padded bike shorts.  Which I didn't know existed, lol.  So I used the Prime Day opportunity to shop for some and I did find a pair that had hundreds of great reviews and was only $21.  Crossing my fingers it makes my stationary bike riding more comfortable, because I already don't like spending time exercising and it takes a lot of will power, lol.

    I also thought this was interesting.  Amy Coney Barrett hails from my neck of the woods and went to a private, Catholic high school in NOLA (Dominican).  On my local news feed today, a letter has been written by Dominican alums and signed by over 300 of them (and counting), that they oppose her Supreme Court nomination.  It will be sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They recognize their letter probably won't make a difference, but wanted to be publicly recognized that she does not represent all of them.
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  • ei34 said:
    Happy real Thursday everyone!
    lovely photo @charlotte989875
    sorry about the sleep troubles @cupcait927

    One of my pet peeves is when low-key and closet Trump voters post the “I don’t unfriend/judge/freak out based on who you vote for, because I’m an adult” memes.  Right.  My candidate isn’t a vile, Hateful, literally dangerous person, so it’d be kind of weird if that was an issue for you 🤔 but we’re in that season I guess, I’ve been seeing it more and more.  Just sharing my vent of the day.

    I really want to respond to some of the peers I see with "If you keep saying this I'm going to question your judgement," because I AM questioning their judgement. 

    I had a nice Zoom last night with one of my oldest friends and both of us are having a really shitty 2020 with family health issues.  It both felt good to catch up and SO SAD that this is the reality of what 2020 brings with aging parents. 
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    @charlotte989875, what a beautiful day! I'm jealous of all the fall colors; ours haven't started yet. 

    Nothing exciting going on here. My work BFF gave his notice yesterday, so I found out today that I'm picking up a couple of his duties since we can't post his role yet. They are good and interesting things, but damn, I'm already busy. Well, maybe I can get rid of some of my boring stuff. 

    Tonight I'm hosting socially distant book club on my deck. It's our first in-person meeting since February! I offered to set up a virtual for anyone that preferred that and really expected it would be 3 in person, 2 virtual, but it will be all 5 of us here. I'm so excited to see them.
  • Remember that lady you called 9-1-1 on a black guy bird watching claiming assault?

    Not first time and she may face jail time.
  • Good luck if you apply, @kerbohl!
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    @charlotte989875 what a gorgeous photo! I’m jealous of all of the colors. 

    @banana468 hugs for family stuff. 

    @CharmedPam we started Hubie Halloween and I instantly hated it. And I can find humor is some pretty dumb stuff. We got all of ten minutes in before we turned it off. 

    @ei34 yes, exactly. 

    Work is a shitshow. I need a drink. That’s all. 

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  • Vent away!  A lot of us, including me, know all about working in an office and I can really sympathize.  I've never worked in the legal profession, but can definitely relate to a lot of your work ups and downs!

    I'm just glad that, even with the "attorney with concerns" and the managing paralegal nemesis, that your new position is such an improvement on the previous one.
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