Affordable winter wedding venues with greenspace

My partner and I got officially engaged this past weekend, but we have been researching and vaguely planning a wedding for a few months. We are interested in setting a date in November, January, February, or possibly March. Usually these are colder months for the Chicagoland area, but from what I've gathered, the prices are also lower! And, that is absolutely why we're interested in these months specifically. We're looking to keep our venue under $5k, but MUCH more ideally under $4k.
I am posting because I feel like I am having a bit of trouble with locating at least a couple good options for venues that would allow us to have a simple and relatively small (50-60 guests) ceremony and reception. We love the outdoors, gardening, trail hiking, plants, and so we are specifically interested in a location that has some element(s) inspired by nature (think forests of trees, plants, flowers, etc.) I am planning to do a bit more research/digging into a couple of local Chicago conservatories (Garfield Park and Lincoln Park), but I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for other venues that might be able to incorporate nature in the dead of winter. 

Thanks in advance for the help. And, feel free to message if there are questions I could address. 

Re: Affordable winter wedding venues with greenspace

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