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Hey girls, I've been looking for reception sites and have came across Walter Commons at St. Charles Prep and am obsessed. Does anyone have more detail like price on it? I plan on calling tomorrow to get more information, but if anyone knows anything I would appreciate it!

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    Room rental was between $2500-$3500.  I think you have to choose between Mass Appeal and Berwick Manor catering, but you get to bring in your own alcohol.  The room is gorgeous, but it was just way too big for our crowd.
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    Thanks for the info! how many people did you have
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    We're expecting about 175, and my mom thought we wouldn't really fill the space and it'd look super empty.  I think most weddings there are 250+ but don't quote me on that.  
    Oh, and to answer your question in the earlier thread, I'm pretty sure tables/chairs are included.
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    Okay... were thinking around 200. I guess I will get a better feel for it once I actually see the space in person, but it does seem big but beautiful! Where did you end up picking for your reception? I would really like somewhere with BYOB
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    We chose the Marian Center at Immaculate Conception.  It's also BYOB (and caterer).  It can probably hold about 200, but not too much more than that.
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    I also really like Walters Commons but with only around 100 guests, it was just too big for us.  We ended up with the Jessing Center with the same caterer, Mass Appeal.  I think it holds up to 250.
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    I found a pic! Because I was curious and have never heard of it.

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    FOR SALE!!.

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    [QUOTE]We chose the Marian Center at Immaculate Conception.  It's also BYOB (and caterer).  It can probably hold about 200, but not too much more than that.
    Posted by TheBeckmeister[/QUOTE]

    I would say it could definitely hold more than that. H's Grandma goes to church there. I have been in that room before. That is where they have the Fish Fry's during Lent and the place holds way more than that unless my mind is just failing me.
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    We had our wedding there and 280 guests attended.  It was a perfect size for our group, but I've also seen it set up for 175 people and it did not look too big.  I think it all depends on how they set up the tables.  I think it would work well for any size from 175 to 400+ people.  The columns also do a good job of splitting up the space.  I highly recommend it for receptions--I loved it!  Also, the tables and chairs (neutral padded banquet chairs) are included.
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    Also, regarding the price, I posted the wrong information on a post from a couple days ago.  It was $2,800 not $3,500 like I said.  Good luck!

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    We are booked at Walter's Commons for 5-19-12.  I've seen it set up for small (100 people) and large (700 people) weddings/fund-raisers/events and the space never looked too small or large.  Definitely all in the way you space the tables and set things up.  We are inviting about 250 and planning for 200 to attend.  Both caterers are amazing as well, will bend over backwards for you and are reasonably priced.  Very unique and amazing space.  The rental fee is a little high at $2,800, but totally worth it (especially since you can bring in your own alcohol).  Fee also includes a couple Bexley police officers for parking lot security.  There is no other charge for parking.  For most places downtown you have to add that factor on top of your rental fee, or stick your guests with it.  It's not within walking distance of downtown, but still super close.  Call Laurie during school hours, phone # is on the website.  Sometimes you can just show up on a Saturday afternoon and walk in if you just want to see it.  I did on a whim when we were venue-shopping downtown because I wanted to show the space to my parents (even if we just peeked through the windows).  Berwick was setting up for an event they were catering later that night, and were super eager to chat with us.  Definitely have to see it in person, pictures just don't do it justice.
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    Hey girls..
    I'm sort of new on the forum and i will appreciate any help i can get..
    I'm thinking of walters common or marian center.. But i'm concerned i won't be able to bring my own caterer to walters common..
    I'm on a budget so my aunt is doing all my cooking for me.. (she owns a restaurant)
    We are invinting 300 and expecting 250 at most.. or maybe 350 (if they decided to bring one to many plus 1s).. who knows?
    Well, any suggestions? the wedding is for september 8th 2012 and i'm already freaking out because September is almost over and it'll be 11 months to go without a venue..
    Please help!
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    Hello ladies!

    Quick question - is there a fee tacked on to being able to bring in your own alcohol?  Or are you able to just bring it in free and clear?

    Also, any other "hidden" fees associated with booking Walter Commons??? 

    Thank you!
  • Can someone provide me with their website or contact information? Thanks!
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