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How was the weekend?

Ours was all right.  Friday we prepped for the Pinewood Derby. Saturday, we were doing the Derby all day.  The rest of the night was just relaxing.  Sunday, we slept in, did some running around, and then I spent the late afternoon cooking.  

Looking forward to a 'normal' week this week.  The last few have been hectic.  

Re: Monday!

  • H was at camp this weekend, we had brunch at my sisters on Saturday, then went to the science museum yesterday. Baby M LOVES the dinosaurs and runs around pointing and roaring. 

    Two questions;

    1) where can I get good quality (but not super $$$ or complicated) lingerie?

    2) has anyone trimmed their own hair??
  • Have you heard of the term "doom boxes" ?
    If not - they're boxes/bags of stuff you intend to go through but then it just sits around.

    Very popular in our house.
    But I managed to get a lot done!

    M got his vax Saturday. He's been off and on not great. Nothing terrible but just lethargic. Mornings seem to be harder for him, but nothing terrible.

    I managed to get 2 loads of laundry, table almost cleared, 1 box redone {instead of a big box, I adjusted to a smaller box that can actually be put away} Sorted stuff in one box so that way it's all M's stuff, got donation bag set and in car to go to my mum's place, and sorted BK's overage of outdoor clothes that are set aside.

    Overall fairly productive considering. Lol now I'm just hoping M feels well enough he can start sorting a bag.
  • Weekend was nice. Friday, I went back to my medspa. I had some cheek filler put in last month but felt like one side was flatter, so went back to make them even.I love it now! But I re-signed up to curology for some rosecea treatment and I saw the old pictures of my face I gave them in 2018 (pre filler…I think).  Holy natural cheekbones from 4 years ago batman.  I can really see where my face fell flat now!!

    Saturday was cleaning, and then my friend and her hubby came over to go out to dinner and see Scream.  Sunday, I watched the 3 episodes of Pam & Tommy that were up and finished season 3 of Yellowstone (I was 2 episodes away from season 4, so had to pay for another month of peacock for the last 2 eps only. D’oh!).

    Today I woke up early to buy some poundcake at my local bakery for our admin’s b-day, since she’s usually the one to do it… but another co-worker thought the same thing and came in with panera, totally overshadowing my own treats :(. But she gets double the love at least?

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    Hugs to you @banana468
    Haven’t shopped for lingerie in a while but my local VS has a sale rack in the back with fun/racier items. If it’s just silk teddies (is that the name for the thin strapped super short dress-like ones?) Macy’s actually has a nice selection, especially when macys is having one of their (frequent) sales @charlotte989875

    Really enjoyed meeting my little sweetie niece this weekend. Super cute and even nicer that I don’t have a kid that age  :p my sister appreciated my cooking marathon.  

    Oldest made her First Reconciliation which was nice, one sacrament til Communion. Kids sang in the choir yesterday, I invited STBX-FIL to mass and back to the house for a light brunch.  I was always the one who coordinated plans and STBXH hasn't spoken to his dad in about a year (basically since I filed).  He very much feels the divorce  is his father's fault (it's everyone's fault but his obviously).  So FIL enjoyed visiting with the kids.  STXBH was furious he was over and didn't answer the bedroom door even though FIL knocked several times and he now hasn't spoken to me since yesterday morning since I did such a horrible thing (carved out quality time for a grandfather and his grandkids).  Good times.

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  • Weekend was good. Got home early Friday because of the impending ice storm, which was crazy. Everything was covered in ice - every tree, every branch. Thankfully my building didn't lose power and I was mostly able to stay inside aside from walking the dog. Caught up on all my Bravo shows and went to bed nice and early. 
    N, however, had his flight delayed by 4.5 hours. 3.5 of which they were stuck on the plane. I think he finally got into Nola around 11pm. Hopefully his flight home today is on time. 

    Saturday I finally got my hair done, and then met my nephew! He's the absolutely cutest and I'm obsessed. I hung at my brother and SIL's for a while (my mom is also staying with them this week) and we all had dinner. 

    Sunday I got food shopping done, did laundry, cleaned, cooked, did a Peloton ride. Watched the Tinder Swindler, which was really good! All in all, a good but too short weekend. 
  • Ahhh congratulations!!!! @missJeanLouise

  • Congratulations @missJeanLouise!!! She’s gorgeous and I LOVE her name! 
  • CONGRATS @missJeanLouise!!! She's beautiful and her name is awesome.  
  • aw yayayaya!!! @missJeanLouise hope everyone is adjusting and doing well.  Congratulations.  Also, so glad you used Fern!!!
  • @charlotte989875 I cut my own hair all the time.  I got really sick of paying ~$100 a few times a year to not like my hair. 
  • What a cutie @missJeanLouise! Congratulations and I hope you're feeling okay!
  • @missJeanLouise, congrats!  She's so cute!  That is so sweet your all's DS is excited his new sister has arrived.

    I have felt way too stressed out for the last couple weeks.  I think it comes from feeling ill-prepared for my vacation, both on personal stuff and on work stuff.  A lot of it procrastination, which I was beating myself up on.  I did make some progress this weekend and did not come up zero for procrastinating!

    I found more contacts in my bathroom pantry.  I thought I might have only had the one pair I use sometimes remaining.  Phew.

    I only had one bathing suit and keep meaning to get a second, but flaked.  I was glad Walmart already has bathing suits in stock, so I bought another one on Saturday.  Still need to try it on.  Hopefully it looks okay-ish and I won't need to scramble and find other one.  I have got to do laundry tonight.  I meant to do it this weekend.

    My H and I planned out a little more of what we will do in Hawaii.  We fly out on Wednesday.  Assuming we are on time, we don't even arrive until 8:30pm.  I've heard there is no real food for sale at the HI airport, even in the middle of the day, so much less later at night.  I have already scoped out food places near our hotel that should still be open when we get there.  I assume we will be starving when we arrive.  But it seems like Honolulu rolls up the sidewalk pretty early, so I'm planning in advance, lol. 

    Plus scoping out all the so many, many, many good places to eat in HI.  I love the food and drinks there.  So much fresh juices, kalua pig, portuguese sausage, and ramen.  So little time, lol.  
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  • Congratulations on what sounds like an uncomplicated deliver, @missJeanLouise.

    I didn't do anything Friday night.  Saturday I ran some errands and hung out with a friend all day.  We were drinking and holy frijoles, did I feel terrible on Sunday.  So, yeah, knocking this down to no alcohol at all is going to be pretty easy.  It was a few weeks ago that I had just 2 drinks in the course of 4 hours and I felt like death then too.  Yay, for my body no longer tolerating the poison, but damn.  Sunday was catching up on the rest of the stuff I should've done on Saturday and then sleeping.

    I'm annoyed at one of my bosses.  He was trying to be helpful, which is nice and appreciated...he has accidentally created some significant work for me.  In an attempt to head this off for the future, I sent an email that was like, Hey, thank you; in the future if this situation comes up for you again, here's how I handle it.  And now he's arguing with me?  Like dude, you've created work that is not paid, is in my very long experience in this position also not related, a pain in my ass, and taking time away from paying clients.  Either handle it how I told you or don't do what you did and leave it to me, thanks.  

    Otherwise, SSDD.  Going to try and add yoga back in tonight maybe.  I'm feeling sleepy because I didn't sleep well Friday or Saturday night and I'm still playing catch up.  But life is going pretty well.
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    Hawaiian food always sounds so awesome @short+sassy, so jelly!
    @charlotte989875, I too, cut my own hair.  Trim. Have been for years.  But I have one long length,  no layers, so it’s pretty simple.  Sincce you were asking about lingerie.., I thought you were asking about trimming elsewhere.  Oops!
    @missJeanLouise, she’s adorbs! So happy she didn’t give you any problems and that all is well! ❤️ 
    @climbingsingle and @ei34 glad you gor baby snuggles in this weekend too. 

  • Work vent.

    I'm so aggravated at my job.  I wasn't given enough time to train the person who will be my backup.  It seems like the client (N) I support and my boss had talked about my training Jane (made up name) a couple months ago.  But then neither one of them spoke to Jane or I about it.  It only came up a few weeks ago when I was reminding N that my trip was coming up and did he still want me to train someone.  I suspect Big Boss thought N was going to talk to me.  And N thought Big Boss was going to talk to me.  So, instead, no one did.  Argh!

    Unfortunately, Jane was busy with her normal work.  So she and I have only had last week and the two days I'm here this week, for her to try and have a clue what to do.

    It is not going well.  Which isn't her fault or my fault (though I do wish her Excel skills were stronger).  It's just not enough time for anybody to learn it.  It's only for emergencies that might come up while I'm gone.  Which usually I don't have any.  But, Murphy's Law, I had one last week and one today that I'm trying to wrap up before I leave.  While also training her and doing the rest of my job.

    At any rate, it's just annoying to feel extra stressed out about all of this.  Right before my vacation.  When usually, my job is pretty chill. Meh.
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  • Ugh! @short+sassy, isn’t that Murphy’s Law?

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    Congratulations @missJeanLouise! She is beautiful.

    Fairly quiet weekend for me. Busy today. I'm working from home three days a week and onsite the other two. It's amazing how distracting things are here at home! I guess I need to find some place else to work when I'm not onsite.
  • Congratulations @missJeanLouise! Beautiful name and baby. Glad niece and nephew were met @ei34 and @climbingsingle. I've been enjoying grandson snuggles. Tomorrow H and I are on our own with them while DD and SIL work. 
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