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Whew.  Feels good to have made it.  Not too much happening this weekend, how about everyone else?
@MissKittyDanger hope the dentist goes okay!

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    Yeah I meant to post in yesterday’s thread but time got me.  I’m feeling your feels @MissKittyDanger.  Bleh to the dentist chair. 

    SIL needed a blood transfusion early this week because she couldn’t stop bleeding, but they finally got it under control and now is set for a radiation treatment.  We’re all just crossing our fingers here.  She looks and acted great though.  I did a slime craft with my nephews on Sunday, and they LOVED it.  The older one asked if I’d always bring an activity when I came, and the middle one asked if I’d be there today because my parents are picking them up and taking them to their place as SIL starts the treatment.  I’ll now be “aunty crafty pam”. They told him nope, not today.  I’m WFH packing for my own vacation! I’m off all of next week, and even though I already has a mini break last week, this couldn’t have come at a better time, work wise.  Normally we’re not busy in January but I can’t say that this year.

  • So happy it's Friday! We're going to see the Avatar movie tomorrow morning. And then obviously watching all the football for the rest of the weekend. I'll do some baking and house stuff. So IMO a perfect weekend! 
  • I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend and it's weird! I've got a late doctor appointment this afternoon, so I'll probably pick up take out or something lazy to throw in the oven on my way back. Tomorrow I have long run and yoga, but nothing after that. Maybe we'll go to dinner or something. It's supposed to rain all day Sunday, so hopefully lots of reading and cuddling with the dog. 

    I feel like I should be starting a project, but I don't know what to start and don't really feel like it anyway. Maybe I'll just wait for spring cleaning. 
  • Should be a quiet weekend this weekend. G is still feeling off but no actual symptoms of anything and N is great and having a blast staying home alone with mom and dad! If he still feels like this into next week we will probably call his oncologist to see if they want us to check in on some labs - possible that he's not in pain or "sick" but 

    I think H and i are going to trade some time to go to yoga/pilates classes this weekend - we both need the movement and time alone after this week. I'm assuming my IL's will be pushing to come over at some point this weekend so we'll see how everyone is feeling.  Working on cleaning out a ton of stuff in our basement so we can finally get a rower or treadmill and workout more effectively at home! 

    Hope everyone else has a nice quiet weekend. 
  • My aunts came to town and I got my belated Christmas gift, which is a new turntable with speakers that sounds sooooo much better than my previous one.  I played music, loudly, from like 9-11 last night and dared my neighbors around to me FA&FO, b/c I owe them some misery and if I heard one wall knocking, was going to put on Run the Jewels on high instead of Miles Davis, U2, and Foo Fighters that were rotating through so I could hear all the differences.

    Tomorrow I get my brows done.  That's about all I have on my plate.  I need to clean the apartment and I think I'm going to relax the rest of the time.  Game a bit and watch some TV.  I tried to watch the first episode of The Last of Us, but it was making me way too anxious, so I'll try adn watch it in the afternoon so that I can calm down before trying to sleep.  
  • COVID booster today if I can figure out health insurance. I knew the new plan wasn’t good, but from what I’m seeing, it’s actually pretty awful. I definitely had a moment of burnout this morning where I thought “I just want to get out of healthcare.” Documenting for insurances sake, trying to code things for insurance’s benefit, not the patient, doing the best to order things that are covered and then that don’t get covered, or simple things like a vitamin D test costing the patient $500 are adding to the healthcare burnout I’ve already felt for awhile. One of of providers sent a message to our provider group about a necessary test being billed to the patient for several hundred dollars. We’re all sad and sick of it. The weight of this country’s dysfunction (with everything, but right now I’m especially feeling the healthcare part of it) is just weighing down on us. And then they wonder why healthcare workers are leaving in droves. And then you add onto it the stress of being “customer service oriented” 100% which just isn’t realistic. I’m all for changing the culture of medicine to be more patient centered, but you cannot threaten to shoot me and then walk in the next day for your appointment like it never happened because we told you it would be a two hour wait for urgent care. I’m just feeling it today. Maybe my period is coming. 

    Otherwise, SSDD. I think brunch on Sunday for MIL’s bday. My car is still in the shop. But I have a loaner car which is working out for now since that means I’m not putting miles on my new car. 

    Exciting news! @mrsconn23

  • Last day of work until vacation!  Woo-hoo!

    And another crazy fell into our lap yesterday, that will be happening while I am gone.

    We have a termite contract on our personal home and when we had our annual check last year, there were active termites.  Our home needs to be tented, but there was something about it is only certain times of the year they can do tenting and would get back to us in January.  They called yesterday and said they have an opening next Thursday (1/26).  While I'm gone, lmao.

    Normally, we were planning to use one of my free weekday stay offers at Harrahs.  But I'm the only one who can check into the hotel, because it's my Rewards account.

    The tenants I've mentioned that didn't pay this month's rent did move out yesterday.  So a small consolation is that is where my H and the furry babies can stay for free during the fumigation.  There is definitely work to be done anyway to get it back rent-ready, so at least it's convenient he'll be living there for a few days.  As what almost always happens when people have to move out because of an eviction or to avoid one, they left a bunch of stuff behind and the place is filthy (eye roll).

    They also left their broken-down car in the driveway.  More eyerolls.  She and I spoke last night, like it was our final conversation.  Never even mentioned the car was still there.  I sent her a text this morning that we would give them a few more days to get the car but, if it was still there after Tuesday (1/24), we would have it towed.  I suggested that, if they no longer wanted the car, they should call a salvage company, because those places will usually pay money for a car and also tow it away for free.  

    I did have a fun conversation with a coworker this morning.  I don't work with him, but we say hi/bye in the halls.  He apparently hasn't lived in the US long, though I didn't ask him that.

    But he was looking perplexed over the Girl Scout cookies sign-up sheet in the break room when I walked in.  He asked me about it.  Y'all, he did not know what the Girl Scouts were and, as such, was also unaware of their iconic cookies!  I enjoyed telling him about this great American tradition.  I was a little surprised he ordered 8 boxes.  Two each of the four flavors that sounded best to him.  Hopefully I will run into him again after the cookie orders come to the office.  I'll be curious what he thinks.
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    Looking forward to the weekend.  So jealous of @short+sassy and @CharmedPam for having a vacation. 

    I could so use some time away.  DH has been off work since 12/9 with medical issues and it's just taking awhile to figure stuff out.  They have ruled out things with his heart and he sees a neurologist 2/9.  He can't drive and it's just too much together time!  I work from home which has been a bane and blessing.  It's a blessing that I'm home in case he needs something but it means neither of us get a break.  Vibes, thoughts and prayers that this gets figured out soon and it's something treatable.

    I have a mani/pedi scheduled for tonight and a few other errands to do so will get out of the house then.  Of course, then I feel guilty that he's here by himself.  We are going to see his sister out of town tomorrow.  Sunday will be church, laundry and getting ready for a hall closet re-do next week.  Taking our front hall coat closet and adding shelves and space for the vacuum, mops, etc. as we never store coats there.  I'm excited to have that space organized.

    We got 7" of snow yesterday but the temps are mild so not bad.

    Forgot to add - Went to refill my Trulicity today and the mail-out pharmacy informs me they are out and have no estimate on when they will be receiving more drug.  So I have a message out to my provider to see what can be substituted.  If I get it locally (if available), it'll cost lots more because my pharmacy benefits are better getting it mailed.  If I get 2 pens to equal my usual dose, it'll double the cost.
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    @Casadena, I hope what he has is only temporary
    @mrsconn23, that’s awesome news!!!! Congrats to him and congrats to that future car
    @levioosa, it amazes me to this day that you work in the healthcare industry and still have shitty insurance.  Like, wut?!? I’m sorry about your burnout.  You have a big heart to care about all your patients like that.
    Edit @MNNEBride so Trulicity is out too? Ozempic has been like that for months and I’m finding that with mounjaro.  Is it for diabetes? I’d suggest looking at wegovy but I don’t know if it helps with diabetes or not?

  • So glad it’s the weekend! Running and football is all I have planned! 

    Congrats on Hs promotion @mrsconn23! What kind of car are you getting?? 

  • Sounds like 3 mg of Trulicity is an issue.  Wegovy isn't approved for diabetics - just weight loss.  
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