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18+ bars in KC?

We're trying to plan my bachelorette party for next month. We were thinking about going out to eat and then going out. One of my best friends is not 21, though, and I would like her to be able to come. Does anyone know of bars in the KC area that are 18+? Would the Power and Lights district be out? What about the Plaza? Jo. Co./Overland Park area would be okay, too, since a lot of my friends live in that area. Thanks!

Re: 18+ bars in KC?

  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
    edited December 2011
    The only 18+ "bar" I can think of is Orlando's in Olathe, if they're even still open.

    Most places in P&L that are in the "bar" area are open to everyone until about 10p or so; after that, you have to be 21 (I'd double check the time).

    Are you doing any kind of a party bus? When my sister got married, there were several girls/family mebers/etc that she wanted there but weren't over 21. We got a party bus, provided booze on the bus, rode it out to a nice dinner and then rode it around town. Is that something you'd conisder?

    Depending on how far of a drive it is, you may look into something in Lawrence - I know they have Abe & Jake's and possibly one other on 23rd that are 18 to enter, 21 to drink on some nights.

    Good luck!

  • edited December 2011

    I agree with PP most bars in the Plaza/P&L/Westport area are 18+ early on but change over to 21 and over at a certain hour.  I know P&L cards you to get into the central area starting before 10 PM (around 8) I think.  You could try going to some of the bars in the OP area because they might not card at the door or you could say she is the "DD". 

    I would not recommend going to Orlando's


  • sarabeth14sarabeth14 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks, girls! I called a few places in the P&L district, and I talked to a couple that were 18+ until 9 or 10, and a couple that were 21+ all night on Sat. nights. So that's something, at least. But I got kicked out of planning the bachelorette party, so it's up to the bm's (that's okay with me).
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