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In May I graduate with my master's and I have to make some decisions career-wise and it so tough! I have been praying about it but I am just not sure which way I really want and need to go. When I graduate I will be a professional school counselor, but I am also interested in administration... I am thinking about getting an EdS in Educational Leadership and one day becoming an assistant principal. The thing is I need to make some kind of decision about this counseling thing because I need to know I want to take the NCC to work towards my LPC.... The test is like $300 (which I can think of 1000 other things to spend that money on) and it is in April (two months away from my wedding) and I am not sure how focused I will be to prepare for it... But I can also wait to see if its what I really want and take it in October... I am just confused and clearly rambling in this post... Thanks for reading this far if you have.... I kinda wish someone would just make this decision for me... But I have to decide if I want to take the NCC and pay for it by next week... ughhh!!!!! Sorry for the rant... 

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    I would suggest that you do it after the wedding. You're gonna have more time to study and prepare after the wedding then during the wedding. Also you're gonna have even stronger support system also..
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    I agree with pp, spring for October, taking it just before the wedding will only make you stressed, by taking it in October the wedding will be behind you and you won't have anything to interfere with your preparation.
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    Thank you! Y'all are right... I really need to chill out right now. And in the fall I will have my simbaboo there to encourage me! Thank you so much!

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    I agree with everyone and I think you should wait. I took the CRC certification test before I graduated with my Master's in Rehab Counseling and it was no joke! The test itself cost $382 and I said to myself I'm not going fail and waste that type of money because to retake it is $184. I studied for 6 months for the exam and you really have to be focused on the exam and nothing else. I had to study mostly in the summer because when the semester started there was just no time so I studied a lot during winter break and I took my exam in March. Hope this helps and best of luck.
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    Thanks Meeko! It definitely does help! I am going to wait until I have more time to focus on it!

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    Girl...I'm in the same boat! I had planned to graduate w/ my masters in couns psyc this coming May, finish getting my hours, and try to take the exam to be licensed. With my wedding in June, I just made the decision (literally a few days ago) to graduate next December that way I have a year to get my hours & study for the exam instead of cramming everything into 6 months.

    It can be overwhelming, but once you make a decision to focus on one thing at a time (as much as, you'll feel better & less stressed. Good luck!
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