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A pleasant "cultural" surprise

So I just have to put this out there... Let me start by saying that I know it's 2012 and things aren't as traditional as they used to be, but when I started planning my wedding, I sort of assumed that I (the bride) would be footing the bill for the wedding and my groom's family would cover the rehersal dinner.  That's how it's worked for both of my siblings' weddings (one sister/one brother)...

So with my budget, I figured 100 people and freaked out when my fiance's mother gave me her list going well over the number of people that I had figured.  I took the list home and pondered how to address this issue.  Armed with new numbers and a good argument in my head, I brought the sticky subject up with my future mother-in-law...

Her response?  "I was planning on paying for all my guests, that's what Italians do"

Well, it darn near dropped me on the floor.  Budget issue dismissed!

Has anyone else experienced this sort of sweet surprise?
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Re: A pleasant "cultural" surprise

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    thats awesome...i wish my italian mother in law would pay for her list!! my fiance and i are paying for our wedding and we asked our parents for their lists but told them to please be reasonable (we asked in a much nicer way of course!).
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    Just be careful. I wouldn't count on that money until she handed me a check. I'm not saying she's lying, but some brides have gotten burned by family who said they'd pay.
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    my FMIL is greek and is doing the same thing.  About 90% of the list is his family (whom I all love, I have a very small family)
    totally suprised me.  When I brought up the subject that we'd pay her back... she was VERY offended. 
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    It wasn't originally much of a problem, but her list keeps growing!  It was originally only over our initial budget by 10 people (we would probably loose those for RSVP nos).... but now it's over by 35!!  I don't know how she knows that many people!

    Yes- she will be paying a percentage before I send out the invites.  I'm planning to tell her that I need it for a deposit because of the number of additional people.
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