Does anyone know of a ceremony site in columbia, Pa

My initial plan was to get married at the gazebo at chickies rock in columbia, Pa... Lancaster county. But now that my wedding is pushed back to October 8, 2011 I don't know if it would be warm enough to have an outdoor wedding. My venue location is Perfect Settings also in columbia so does anyone know of where I could possibly have my ceremony in columbia. My prior wedding date was May 28,201.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Does anyone know of a ceremony site in columbia, Pa

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    My sister got married outside at the gazebo in Lititz on Oct 4th, it wasn't too cold out.  It depends on what time of day.  We are doing our wedding at the gazebo in Columbia on Locust St.    Smile

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    Our reception is at Perfect Settings too! We are getting married at the Community Bible Church in Marietta (2 miles up the road from Perfect Settings) not sure if you wanted a church ceremony or not

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    I'm getting married at the gazebo at Chickies in April so hoping for a nice day too.   Perfect Settings was our 2nd choice for a reception site and when we talked to Daisy she said that her venue could double as a cermony site in case of bad weather.  I would talk to her and see if she has any ideas...she seemed really helpful and knew her stuff.  Good Luck!!

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    I hear Chickies Rock is a wonderful place especially for photography... Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
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    Daisy is wonderful... I knew perfect settings was indeed "PERFECT" for me when I saw it because it has so much character. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
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    We are getting married at the Chickie's Hill gazebo as well!  Who are you using as your rental company for the chairs?
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    NMK1208 No i haven't rented chairs yet, but I know when I was checking into it the chairs were about 1.50-2.00 and that's where i'm a little put out because for 120 guest * 1.50 OR 2.00 is to much money.  I was quoted almost 400.00 because of needing help setting up and taking back down and taxes. So i'm really not sure what to do anymore.
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    Perfect Settings IS Perfect AND fantastic and i would recommend it to anyone.  The owner is very nice and insightful and made sure that everything was perfect.  She even tends to lend a helping hand when she doesn't have to just to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.  The venue is beautiful!  It has a very neutral setting which is great because you can set it up and decorate it to match your theme/colors without having to worry about anything clashing; unlike hotels or other local venues that have ugly wallpaper/carpet/chairs/light fixtures.... I highly recommend the place!!

    Overall this place is GREAT GREAT GREAT!!  Definitely give the owner, Daisy a call.  You wont regret it!
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