Detroit knottie- HM advice for Portland?

Hey ladies! (and gents?) Advice/ recs would be hugely appreciated- we're going to hm in Portland at the end of June/ beginning of July this year- does anyone have any good recs of fun things to do/ see? We chose Portland because we've never been there, we're on a budget (staying in the states, for sure) and we're hoping to embrace our hipster stereotype a bit ha (and I really need to earn a "magic's in the hole" shirt lmao- can't wait for that)

Definitely interested in recs for good shopping, possibly a good hotel? We're looking at the Juniper and the Ace- anyone familiar with them? Any must-visit restaurants? (He's a vegetarian, I'm not) Also- we've considered spending time in Camas, that town looks adorable- any advice there?

Thank you SO much for any help! It's hugely appreciated, we've never really visited a city where we didn't know a soul to give us advice- thanks again!
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Re: Detroit knottie- HM advice for Portland?

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    The Nines is a great hotel in Portland. Also, check out livepdx.com if you haven't already, its the one-stop-shop for all things Portland.

    As for Camas, yes, it's cute, but it SMELLS AWFUL!! Especially that time of year! Sometimes the air at the mouth of the gorge gets stagnant and all the stinky fumes from the paper mill sit and fester. It can be quite pungant, let me tell you! It all depends on the weather that time of year.

    The Oregon side of the gorge has more going on anyway, and it pains me to say that as a Washingonion (Vancouver area).
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    Ummmm, yeah.  Camas /= vacation destination.

    As for places to visit/ things to do:

    Anywhere in the Gorge (Multnomah Falls, Hood River, etc)
    Anywhere on the Coast (Cannon Beach, Seaside, Astoria, etc)
    Mt. Hood/ Timberline Lodge
    Saturday Market
    Forest Park/ Zoo/ Rose Garden/ Hoyt Arboretum
    Pioneer Place (downtown shopping)

    I wouldn't put The Jupiter on my list of "nice" hotels.  It's a cool/ different vibe, but doesn't scream "honeymoon" to me.  Places I've stayed and would recommend include: The Paramount (great sushi restaurant in their lobby), The Nines, Marriott City Center, Hotel DeLuxe, downtown Embassy Suites.

    Everyone has their favorite hole-in-the wall restaurants, so I won't even attempt that one :)  
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    I agree with mayfly up there about The Nines being beautiful, however, I did hear it's been off to a rocky start.  They just opened a few months ago.  The Ace Hotel is a great place to stay I've heard.  They have a photobooth in the lobby - it's where I got proposed to.

    Obviously you already know about Voodoo Doughnuts, so that's on your list.  I'll hammer home a visit to Powell's too.  Saturday Market will be in full swing, and it's loads of fun.  If you like funky/vintage stores, be sure to check out the Hawthorne District.  It's full of awesome stores.  If you like pizza, there's Rocco's located kitty-corner from Powell's.  McMenamins' restaurants are fabulous, and offer up a nice selection of ale and wine.  I also second the Rose Garden - the actual garden, not the areana.  And Pittock Mansion, a Victorian museum.

    How are you getting to Portland?  Flying or by train?
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    Definitely go to a McMenamin's!  At least one of them.  www.mcmenamins.com. They also have hotels that are neat.  Not necessarily "nice" in the way of luxury, but if you're looking for "neat" then you've got it.  Like others have said, there are cool places to go on the coast that aren't too far away.  Seaside and Newport are probably the best as far as touristy-ness goes.  Try to go up in the mountains one day too!  Sisters is a really cool town in eastern Oregon and only a few hours away.  You could go to the lodge at Mount Bachelor or something, just to see that area.  (I don't know if you're going to have a car...obviously these aren't options if you won't.)  I'm not too good of a source for restaurants, etc. because I actually live an hour and a half south of Portland and really only go up to go shopping or to see my brother-in-law and his wife in Beaverton (a suburb).  Good luck!
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    Thanks for all of the info! Bummer about Camas, Chris found a really cute little hotel there and the pics of the town look so flipping cute. (I'll admit to being far more comfortable in a smaller town than a giant city, but I'll survive lol)

    We're flying- we have exactly 8 days for the hm so we want to get there as quickly as possible :)

    Yeay I'm getting excited- thanks again! The Gorge, Saturday Market and the Rose Garden sound wonderful, and the Hawthorne Disctrict looks like my new favorite place on earth- thank you!!
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    If you have time and/or are interested... Seattle is a 3hr train trip away! I would say it's definitely worth a trip (you can do a day trip or overnight)... but I'm also a little biased because I live here : ) Amtrak fares start at about $25 each way... so it's definitely affordable. Let me know if you want more info.
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    STEPH!!!! OMG! I miss you one the October board! You should come say hi, I'm sure Liz and all the other gals would love it!

    If you can squeeze it in, I love love love the Oregon coast. SO beautiful. My family went to Cannon beach mostly, but Seaside is also really nice.
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    Hi Hippie! I've seen you around :-)

    I always recomend voodoo donughts and OMSI if you're into technology. Powells Books, Saturday market, and all the other stuff the ladies suggested are all good.

    The coast is very cold, but gorgeous. The aquarium in Newport is doable in a day trip (about 2-3 hour drive) and seaside is a touristy town.  I used to live in Newport, so if you wanted more info about that area, let me know.
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    We stayed at the Nines for our pre-wedding night and wedding night - it was phenomenal!  The decor is so swanky and the staff was outstanding!  The food is really good too - we had breakfast both days.  If you stay on the club level they have free cocktails and dessert in the evenings.  Their restaurant, Departure was good too!

    For good food, cocktails, somewhere with a great view if you are an out of towner I would recommend Portland City Grill.  They have a really great happy hour (food specials, no drink specials).  Overall they are spendy but it would be nice to make a reservation and have that fantastic view (they have floor to ceiling windows and are like on the 29th floor of the US Bank tower - aka "Big Pink").  For good reviews on other restaurants I would check out Portland Monthly Magazine.

    Good luck!
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    Yes to Powell's bookstore but make sure you go to the one in downtown Portland. This is the one that's a full city block and 3 or 4 stories high. Hawthorne also has a Powell's, but it's not as exciting. 

    Coast: I would do trips between Cannon Beach and Astoria. Cannon Beach is the most popular and has Ecola State Park right next to it which has amazing views. On up to Astoria is a great drive, and then in Astoria, there are fun things like the Astoria Tower to climb and the bridge. Yes, it's a bridge, but you must drive over it. Goonies was also shot in Cannon Beach and Astoria! 

    Most definitely yes to the Gorge (oregon side is best). Tons of hiking and tons of waterfalls to see from the road, even. Take the old (historic) hwy out there from I-84 and stop at Crown Point, vista house. Love it. 

    Mt. Hood is only 1.5 hours away and is great and Timberline lodge is fantastic!

    There is swankier, trendier and more expensive shopping on NW 23rd and a great place to check out. Alberta street also has fun shopping and artsy places and good food (gotta love La Bonita- $3.50 for the best vegetarian burrito in town!)

    As for food, look these up: Apizza Scholls, Por Que No?, Vegetarian House (all veggie chinese), Blossoming Lotus. Fancier places are Higgins, Equinox, Jakes Seafood (some veggie options).  For desserts or sweets, Moonstruck Chocolates, Sweet Masterpiece, St. Cupcake, Voodoo Donuts, Rimsky's Korsakoffee. There is a ton of good food here. Also check out Portland City Grill for happy hour or Noble Rot. 

    And finally, Hotel Monaco is a cute and stylish hotel in downtown. I'm thinking of having my wedding and/or reception there. 

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    First, I just want to say that I LOVE Portland, and I think it is so awesome that you are going there for your HM.

    I suprised that no one has suggested the Lan Su Chinese Gardens, it is very pretty and great place to snag some beautiful hm pics.

    Pioneer Place is really cool and worth a look, but only worth it if you are a designer/brand shopper (stores like J. Crew, Juicy Couture, Saks 5th Avenue, etc.)

    The downtown Powell's Bookstore is a must see for any hipster visiting Portland (the store is so big that they provide maps!)

    Beesaws Cafe is a nice little restruant, locally grown and delicious food.

    I know a lot of people mentioned the Saturday Market, but I feel I should also point out that there is an excellent Farmer's Market as well with lots of wares and tasty food.

    If you like art, there is the Portland Art Museum.

    The last suggestion I will make: concerts. Portland is a great place for concerts, with lots of venues (like the Crystal Ballroom) and very reasonable prices.

    Good luck and happy planning!
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