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Wichita Brides

Hey Ladies just wondering if there were other Wichita brides out there?? I'm getting married in Sept and haven't done a whole lot of planning so far! 
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Re: Wichita Brides

  • Hello!  I am a Wichita bride (well Conway Springs one...but close enough)  We are having our wedding October 19, 2013 and our having our ceremony at our church in Conway Springs and our reception at the Petroleum Club!  How about you?
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  • I'm getting married Sept 1, 2012. We are having our ceremony at my fiance's aunts farm, and the our reception at his fabrication shop... I know it sounds redneck but we are going to make it look very classy. plus its free, and you can't beat free! 

    Have you started doing much planning? I can't imagine planning a wedding more than a year out, I would go crazy!! We just got engaged and we aren't wasting any time. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage so we are streamlining to get settled quicker.

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  • Well we decided on our photographer, reception place, and have already decided on the hotel for the wedding block!  I LOVE to plan things so I am in heaven - but now I am kinda just looking for deals on things and keeping my options open.  I change my color choices a lot! lol

    I agree - free is the best!!!  Using our church will be free so that's nice.  I am sure it will look super elegant!
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  • I'm a wichita bride. I wont be getting married till June 2013,but have the church,reception,and photographer already booked!
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  • I live in Hutchinson and we are getting married in March 2013. I'm REALLY struggling to decide on location. We were planning to do it in Hutch but have thought about maybe doing it in Wichita too. Indoor/Outdoor.... church or not.... it's just too hard to decide.

    the only thing that's been done so far is i've found my dress (my mom is making it for me and my bridesmaids) and will be buying fabric this weekend. I know what i want for food/cake at the reception and music. I have no photographer yet. My brother is a videographer so we'll be having him do that.

    Ms Jewlz... what photographer have you chosen? where do you even find them? yellow pages lol
  • Getting married Oct. 4, 2013 and have the ceremony/reception venues booked, the DJ booked, the photographer booked and have my dress! We are moving pretty fast. I've heard that when you get down to under a year in advance, things start booking up very quickly so it's best to get started early.

    As for the photography question, I highly recommend Allie Burns photography. She is much more affordable than other local photographers and her work is just as strong!
  • Just about to move there and starting over with the planning. So i have noting done but invites picked out and save the dates. I had more done but just took a job there and moveing next week so back to square one for me. Oh yeah and we picked October 5, 2013 thankfully we have a year otherwise i would be freaking out. 
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