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Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Sorry I've been MIA for a while, lots of exciting things happening at home plus I am still wrapping up my year end items at work so I've been focused! 

I can't believe I missed Cassidy's wedding day call out!  I can't wait til she's back to hear all about her special day.

I have set my plan in motion, operation get our apt to be a "Home".  Getting organized and purchasing some home decor.  Started by getting my desk and area rug!  DH is going to help me move our furniture to rearrange everything and build our desk.  I am having fun working on the apt!  Can't wait to lay out the rug!  I may buy some pillows to accent the colors in the rug as well :-) 

How's the wedding plans coming along?? You all are getting so close!
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Re: Good Afternoon Ladies!!

  • TerriHuggTerriHugg member
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    I'm so jealous of you Nicole. I can't wait till I'm on the other side! 

    Things are going ok for me wedding planning wise. I just found out that linen table cloth has another sale for 20% and free shipping so I'm debating getting some table cloths from there today. 

    I"m not exactly happy with my wedding planner right now. She advised me to write my ceremony and gave no guidlines. I send it to her and she tells me that my ceremony is about 30 - 45 minutes and it's supposed be only 15 - 20 minutes so our cocktail hour will only 15 minutes long. 

    I don't think that makes any sense. If I paid for an hour why will it only be 15 minutes beause the ceremony is longer and why didn't she tell me the time limit for the ceremony before? 

    On a plus side, my home made headband looks good. All I did was buy a headband from Claire's for $2, a lavendar rhinestone necklace from Forever 21 for $10 and glued them together. I then purchased white netting from etsy for $2. So in total my headpiece cost $14. I'm so happy with myself. Now I just have to make sure it looks good with my dress and shoes! 
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  • Thata sucks about your ceremony Terri hopefully it goes faster then she thinks! Did she tell u you have to cut anything out? I also feel bad about missing Cassidy call out :( I have been so overwhelmed these last couple of weeks! Hopefully she has lots n lota of great things to share. I have also been I guess u culd say in nesting mode lol. After having to register for somethings for a shower my sister wanted to throw I have started to come up with new places for thinga nd new things for certain places! Ordered my plates today for the ahr today and our koozie favors came in which I am extremely happy with! Cake topper came in yesterday. Found perfect purole baskets to hold crackers and some mints n yesterday so bought those at the dollar store! Going friday to see if the lady that did my altering can fix the pleat on my dress so that it doesn't stick out so bad. Bought some juice boxes as well at the dollar store for the kiddos! I think that's about it for wedding stuff for me! Our documents we sent out to be translated did come in so that means we are getti g extremely close!
  • You girls are so close! I'm jealous and happy I have a bit more time all at once. lol

    We got our invites out last night, my dress is in so I'm trying to figure out a time to go try it on, I've been trying to stick to my workout plan which is easier now that I know the dress is in!! Now we've got to figure out what the boys are all wearing, go meet FI's pastor from college that will be doing our ceremony and figure out what we are doing there. Then it is all the small stuff - jewelry/accessories/signage/welcome bags/etc/etc/etc!!

    Plus it is freaking freezing here today and I just want it to be SPRING
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