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Best Honeymoon Option for August

Good evening, ladies!

I'm getting married next year in August and have been looking for a honeymoon destination that isn't wracked with bad weather because of monsoons or hurricanes. We're looking for a place to spend roughly 12-14 days with a combination of beach, activities, and day trips.

What places would you avoid? Where would you go? We're working on options first.

We've already been to Greece, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Caymans, Mexico, etc. So we're looking for something else! Any suggestions and help would be great - we're kind of getting lost with options and aren't sure what to do because we don't know if we should go somewhere after I move (my fiance and I will be living in London) or leave after the wedding from Michigan.

Re: Best Honeymoon Option for August

  • If I were you, I'd go directly from your wedding in Michigan to Mackinac Island, Michigan.  It's close, so you don't have to hassle an airport, flights, time chages, etc.  You can just get there quickly and start your HM immediately.  And they have everything you are requesting there. 

    Or if you are determined to go far away on a plane, go to San Diego,.  Weather is always perfect, and they have a delightful mix of beaches, museums, sports, day trips, etc.  We HMed there.
  • What about an Alaskan cruise?
  • Hi Sonalipop!

    We took a 14 day honeymoon in CA last year, in 14 days we had 20 minutes of rain. We flew into San Fran from Detroit, spent 4 nights there, rented a convertible, and drove down the coast of CA on the Pacific Coast Hwy all the way to Coronado Bay near San Diego, and returned to Michigan from the San Diego airport. Multi-city flights are not that much more than round trip. We stayed at various places along the way (Carmel, Santa Barbara, Malibu, then Coronado). The views are fabulous, there are plenty of beaches (though we are not beach people), we did the Hollywood touristy stay, went to the Monterey Aquarium (best I've ever seen).

    You've traveled to a lot of great destinations, so this might be a bit boring to you, but for us it was perfect.

    If you want more info, just send me a private message via link below with your email address and I can send you some info. The email address is important because without it I can't send you anything.
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    I would consider taking a short, more local trip after the wedding but waiting until you move for the big trip. I recommend checking out Mauritius. There are direct flights from LHR and once you are there, the exchange rate makes it reasonable. It is a long flight from London (around 10 hours) but it took me two full days to get there from Phoenix, so I would have loved to have shaved a full day of travel off if I lived in Europe! There isn't much in the way of day trips (you are in the middle of the Indian Ocean), but it's different and a good mix of activites and beach. If you have a larger budget, you can also travel to the Seychelles direct from London! We did Mauritius and the Seychelles in the same trip, so that is doable as well.


  • I think your best option is going on a cruise. You can practically choose any destination you would like. You would get all of the activities on and off the ship as well as amazing food and great places to visit!
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  • What about Hawaii?  With 12-14 days on your hands, you could definitely go to at least 2 islands, and there's definitely a good combination of beaches, activities, etc. available.  Also, Hawaii in August is supposed to be gorgeous.
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  • If you've got 14 days to spend and depending on budget, you could do Hawaii and do two different islands--a week on each. Each island is so different, that it would almost be like taking two different trips rolled into one. You could pair Oahu, which is more commercialized but has tons to do, with a place like Maui or Kauai, which are more laid-back and relaxing. The weather there is pretty mild year-round. We were in Oahu last July and had 80 degrees and sunny literally every day for 9 days straight.

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    We are also honeymooning in August but we're going a little non traditional. We're going to spend a few days in Seattle and then take a cruise to Alaska. We live in Florida and we know what the heat and weather are like down here in August and we just wanted to do something completely different. We've talked to so many people who have said that Alaska was their favorite trip ever.  To be fair, the chance of a hurricane or tropical storm hitting an area at the very time that you are there is relatively small, but we also didn't want to take the chance...and the heat in the Caribbean in August is absolutely brutal!

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  • We are going to Martha's vineyard. Only for a week but we plan to island hop during our stay. Not sure what your budget is but MV has nice weather and seems very relaxing.
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