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Glasses to wear or not wear that is the question?

So as most of you have seen I wear glassesCool...I've been wearing since the 6th  grade I've grown to LOVE them very much and when I started college I got into thick black frames and have never let go of them ever since!!!!

When I met FI I would switch to glasses and contacts...then I just got so tired with the maintenance so I went FULL TIME glasses.

B-session is coming should I wear them? Are they sexy? Should I just do contacts?

I guess I feel a little insecure because I found out through the grape vine one of FI's friend (a girl) made a comment of our e-pics  saying "she wore her glasses...she ruined the whole thing" yes girls can you believe someone actually said that!

As for the wedding my intentions are to wear contacts and then switch to red glasses but just stuff like that takes me back to 6th grade when people made of of us with glasses and bracesFrown

what to do? 

Re: Glasses to wear or not wear that is the question?

  • Vans18Vans18 member
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    edited December 2011
    I can't believe she said that!!!! I personally think you look like one hot teacher with them glasses! WinkCool

    Maybe you can do both for the boudoir session. Take a few with no glasses and take some with glasses, so you can look even sexier. hehe. Besides, that's who YOU ARE.  You shouldnt change who you are for a picture.

    My aunt made the same comment to my sister and SIL at the wedding... my poor little sister was feeling horrible because my aunt kept following her just to remind her to take off her glasses for picture because "she would make the picture look bad" but I really love how they look with their cute glasses. Some people just have nothing to do but talk crap of others.

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    I can't believe that someone would say that about your pictures.  I think you look good with your glasses on.  I agree with Vans do some with glasses and some without.  I personally don't like my glasses only because I only need them for distance so I'm constantly taking them off to read things. I got contacts this year for the wedding and my FI was bummed because he likes my glasses, so who knows it may surprise you that he likes the b pics with the glasses on. 

    On another note I would tell that horrible girl to kick rocks the next time I saw her, hehe.
  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
    edited December 2011
    I can totally relate. :) Been wearing glasses since I was 7 and really grew to like them. I do wear contacts also but they tend to be bothersome. I think I am doing contacts for the wedding, but if they start bothering me, I will not hesitate to take them out.

    My mother and grandmother have always made me feel less pretty when I wear my glasses. It makes me mad.

    Do whatever makes you happy. If you wear your glasses all the time, then I say wear them. :)
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    I always wear contacts when picture-taking is concerned. However, when taking b-pics, my photographer suggested pulling out the glasses for a few pictures as well. Why not do both?
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    how rude!!! i would not be so nice to tell her to "go kick rocks". anyway, i think you should definitely take most of the pics they way you look when you have "sexy time" with FI. it will evoke the real deal when he sees them.

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    Tell that girl to pound sand. :)  I vote you do pics both on and off.  You look great in glasses!  Remember, this is about YOU, no one else! 
  • edited December 2011
    I agree with all the ladies...do them with both! =]

    people are so lame.  If it makes you feel any better, i've WISHED i wore glasses my entire life! LOL
    I think of glasses as an accessory and I LOVE accessories. ;]
    You looked gorgeous in your e-pics.  I know it's hard to ignore just try to remember what you and FI like.  After all, the pics are for him =]
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    AWWWW Thank you for all those encouraging words!Laughing

    I never even thought of doing some with and some without (duh me) But I'm definitely going to do that. 

    As for that awful girl, I don't even talk to her. I talk to one of her friends who I think happen to spill the beans accidently. Oh well! But I should totally feel confident in whatever way I choose to go glasses, no glasses, its my choice and no one else!

    Thanks Ladies!  
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    edited December 2011
    I say do a combo of both..... and give that girl a good a$$ kicking! 
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    Great attitude - but I agree do BOTH - you will rock them.
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    We all love your pictures! But you should be you in your pictures...afterall thats why your Fi loves you! I would take them with the glasses and maybe a couple w/o...
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    Have someone through the grapevine remind that shallow friend of yours, that beauty is fleeting but dumb is forever, so is lack of tact, and the ability to keep one's mouth shut at the right moment.

    It's your wedding.  You are the bride and you do whatever you want. 

    I wear glasses too.  I wear contacts on special occasions only because they start to bother me afterwhile(I can't wear them for longer than like 6 hours before my eyes start bothering me). Although, my optometrist gave me a prescription for some new ones recently, and they feel much better.

  • imlovingitimlovingit member
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    edited December 2011
    I think you should wear your glasses for most of the pics. Thats who you are. When I see pictures of people who normally wear glasses and they don't wear them in the pic they look different. They don't look like who they are. Your fiance loves you with or without glasses so who cares what other people think. 
  • imlovingitimlovingit member
    Eighth Anniversary 100 Comments Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011
    I forgot to tell you that you look great in your pic and your glasses go with you!
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    I agree with the girls. Take pics with glasses and without. I just recently started to wear glasses and was shy when I wore them. FI  secretly admitted to me one day that when I wear my glasses he thinks its hot. Needless to say I wear my glasses more often now! Laughing We are taking our E pics next week and was thinking of doing my casual pics with glasses and the "dressier" pics without. 

     I think your pics with glasses might be hotter bc u can definately do the sexy biting glasses thing. U can definately use the glasses as an accessory. You might want to also use the red glasses you say you were going to use for the wedding. 

    BTW that girl that said your pics would be better without glasses is LAME!

  • TysWife2BeTysWife2Be member
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    edited December 2011
    I wear glasses as well...

    Special Occasions or if I wanna be cute with my sunglasses then I will wear contacts...as far as the girl goes, SCREW HER!

    B-Pcs...I vote both!
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