Invitations - What do you think? (PIPs)

So I'm almost done with the invitations. Almost being the key word here. I think the wording is fine. My FI and I are debating over whether to bold the typeface -- I don't think we should; he does -- so that's why some lines are bold and others are not. 

Our theme is backyard BBQ/picnic. My main flowers are going to be daisies (plus its a nickname amongst friends) and our colors are chocolate brown/light blue and white. The whole wedding is going to be a casual affair. Did I get the vibe right?


Re: Invitations - What do you think? (PIPs)

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    I LOVE the first one! I like the brown over the white and blue for the box.
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    #1 looks great!

    Also, for safety on the internets you may want to blur out full names, dates, locations, etc.  when posting things like this.
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    They're soooo cute!  The brown one is my fave. :)
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    I agree with the rest of the gals... I really like the brown one.  I like dark, bold colors though.

    As for the font, if you were to go with the brown, I would use the bold font as it's easier to read.

    and also what another poster said... you might wanna omit your names/place on these :)

    They look fantastic though.  Well done.
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    Love the first one! Looks great and kudos to you for doing them yourself!
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    Those are amazing! I also love the brown one the most.
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    Thanks guys!! Everyone loves the brown ones - and they are my favs too. So that's what we're getting!!

    I forgot the whole safety issue .. I'll fix that next time! They were pretty easy to do actually. I used clip art for the daisy photo and daisies at the top that was in the Microsoft Publisher program and then found sample text that I liked off the internet. After that it was just a matter of spacing and colors!
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