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Rhode Island

Wishing well bridal

Has anyone bought their dress from here?  I live close by and have driven by it a bunch of times... I really want to go in soon to see what they have.  I did go to Ana's and I liked some dresses, but it was SO small in there and I was planning on having 4 women with me the day of dress shopping. 

Re: Wishing well bridal

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    I bought my dress here!!  I loved Pam - she is so great to work with. They will make you feel like you're a celebrity and have you try on every single dress if you'd like. I actually had such a good experience I invited my friend from Maine down to go dress shopping here, because she was having trouble finding a dress and she found one. They really listen to what you want, know their stock well and are super personable (they have let me try on my dress just to show people like 4 times) Also, the dresses are significantly cheaper here, my dress was over 1000 in another store but I only paid 850 for it here :)
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    I got my dress from Wishing Well and they are incredible!!  They give you 100% and make sure that you try on everything you want.  They are completely honest and really want to help.  I had posted before, but I was having 2nd thoughts about my dress after purchasing it, and they let me come in with 3 people as they were closing down and let me try it on along with another dress so I could get everyone's opinions.  They were super helpful and have beautiful dresses.  My dress is all Swarvski crystals and it was only $799, they said with alterations, it'll be less than $1k, which was totally in my budget!
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    Wow, thanks for the replies!  The fact that it is less expensive here is awesome since I will be paying for my own dress and I wanted it to be under 1500 imcluding tax and alterations.  I will definitely check it out next week when I have more time.  I can't wait!  I was looking around on their website and definitely liked a lot of the dresses.
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    I went there to try on a dress and I didn't like them at all. They didn't really help me and they kinda seemed like I was bothering them when i was asking to try on dresses. They didn't give me any direction on which dresses I should be looking at when i told them what kind of style i wanted. I guess it is who you get.
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    I had a similar experience as bells24412 at Wishing Well. I brought my mom, aunt, and MOH and I felt like we were a bother to the sales people. The dressing rooms are so small I had to put the dresses on myself and half the time I came out of the room and it wasn't zipped or tied because I couldn't reach. I didn't have a good experience there and ended up at David's Bridal. I was hesitant about David's because they are like a big chain store, but I had a great experience there and they we're very accommodating.There are so many dresses and so many places you could go it is enough to make you crazy. Go where you feel the most comfortable with the sales people. 
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    I got my dress at Wishing Well 2 years ago and am still a lurker. My cousin is getting married and we are going to WW after the holidays. The dresses were beautiful and reasonable for price. I also had Pam and she was great. I would def. check them out. As far as I know they don't require appointments but I would call just to make sure.
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