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Wedding pictures in November?

Hi All! This ismy first knot post so bear with me!

my FI and I got engaged Sept. 1, 2012. We have a tentative date set as Nov. 9, 2013.

Today I really had time at work to sit and think of the logistics...we live in the Boston area, and it will be daylight savings time by then. Ideally, we wanted a Saturday night wedding, and our venue offered 'off season' prices in November, which definitely helped our decision.

I'm concerned about taking pictures at such a late time in the evening! Our church mass would be about 5:30pm, probably lasting until 6:30 pm. Reception would start at 7 about 10-20min away. I preferably would not like to schedule pictures before seeing my FI at the church. I've always had that vision of him seeing me for the first time walking down the isle.

Has anyone had a early Nov. wedding? Any ideas/suggestions of ways to get outside pictures, or if photographers might be able to have enough lighting to do all that??

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Wedding pictures in November?

  • Lisa, I'm also getting married in Massachusetts (just in the western side of the state) a week before you.  As much as I want FI to see me for the first time when I walk down the aisle, I want photos with light in them and it will be dark at 6:30pm after our ceremony.  I think we are going to do a first look, but I wont be wearing my veil so there will at least be a surprise there.  I'm also not planning on spending a whole lot of time with him- just a few essential photos and then we'll split again for 2 hours.

    The important thing will be to talk to your photographer.  They have lots of experience and will have good suggestions as to what they can do with the lighting.

    Good luck and happy planning!


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  • Hi Lisa!! Congrats on your engagement :)

    I second PPs idea of photos beforehand. (Or, some photographers are advocating day-after portraits in your wedding attire... but this would probably be more expensive, and it's not really the same, and you wouldn't have your hair necessarily done... etc. But it could be an option I guess, since you said you don't want to see him before the ceremony.)

    For us, our mass is at 2:00, so we picked the date knowing it would be dark quickly (we're planning our reception for immediately afterwards, so the sooner it gets dark the better for dancing and fun times). If your ceremony isn't until 5:30 to 6:30, the sun will probably be set by the time that is all finished. When we were picking dates I spent a ton of time trying to figure out when the sun will set... This is probably the most sophisticated calculator I found but there are tons of estimations out there: (you can put in where you're located).

    Definitely talk to your photographer about lighting, but honestly my experience was most of the photographers I gravitated toward were all about "natural light photography." They can bring in lighting to wherever, but it seems like the current photography trend with the outside, sunlight-filled pictures is, well, impossible to recreate without sunlight. 

    I love the idea of a first look. We won't *need* to do one, per se, since our mass is so early and we'll have sunlight, but I think we are going to anyway. I like the idea of seeing him before the ceremony, just him and I. (And yes, our photographers.) Honestly my fiancé likes the idea too, because it sort of takes some of the pressure off him to have the perfect "reaction face" when I do walk down the aisle.

    It's still going to be an amazing moment when I walk down the aisle. It's still going to be a giant, life-changing ceremony, even if he's seen me in my dress beforehand. I don't know. 

    Also, someone told me that the "tradition" of not seeing the bride (1) isn't really that traditional and (2) is actually intended to keep the groom from seeing what he's getting into and running away. That made me feel better about possibly foregoing it. :)

    Anyway, since it's almost November anyway, you'll be able to sort of observe what Boston will be like when you get married- maybe it might be a good idea to hold off on making further plans until you're sure you're okay with getting married in early November.

    But I am a huge fan of fall weddings :)

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    pinterest, obvi.

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    I second the idea of talking with your photographer about it.  They're the experts- they'll know what's best.  You might have to compromise though- either pictures with sunlight or not seeing your fiance until you walk down the aisle.  You and your fiance need to sit down and figure out what's more important to both of you.  You might be surprised- he might want to see you before hand.  My fiance was glad when I told him I wanted to do a first look.  He didn't like the idea of spending all day, on the biggest day of our lives, away from each other.  
  • I am getting Married in NY 11/1/13 maybe move it to that weekend since sunday morning is when the clocks change and you may be able to get in a few pictures and try to see if you can get the church earlier maybe like 430 ish so that you can take pictures i think 530 and getting dont at 630 is cutting it really close because you are going to want church pictures and you anre going to want pictures at the place ypu need family pictures too just think about it you dont want to be rushing on your big day... also if you dont want to moce the date night pictures are sexy lol but i would deff try to move teh time no need to feel rushed
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  • My fiance and I just recently set our date as November 9, 2013 as well!  Congratulations!  We will be married in my hometown church in Western Mass with the reception about 45 mins away in Central Mass. We looked at our ceremony date and determined that 2pm would provide enough daylight for pictures afterwards.  But we are meeting with some photographers over the next few weeks to determine what thoughts they have.  Good luck!!!
  • KCJP, where in Western Mass are you getting married?  I grew up there and we are getting married there, too.


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  • Ok, I hadn't even thought about it being dark out when we get married.  Our ceremony is at 7:30PM and then the reception all at the same venue.  We are doing the pictures before hand, but it will probably be dark even then for us.  I was more worried about it being a date that was special for us.  I guess I'll be making a few calls to my photographers to see what they suggest.

    Thanks for putting that on my radar ladies.

  • I am also getting married on November 9,2013 and live in AZ and having our wedding in Maine and didn't realize that the time would have changed since it doesn't here. I wanted our wedding at 3pm but since the sunsets at 4:30. I am now confused on what time to start. Thanks for posting :)
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  • I actually just had engagment photos done on November 9th of this year if it helps at all.  It def gets dark early.  Not located in Boston but in the Philadelphia area.  I just checked and our sunsets are 20 minutes later then in Boston.  Right now sun is setting around 4:45pm for us (4:23 for you). 

    Here is the preview from our engagement session which started at 2:30pm in the afternoon.  The photos at the campfire were taken at 5-6pm.

    It's going to be DARK.  I actually booked my photographers because they do awesome night shots but I can tell you its not something many photographers do well so make sure you see some of the night work before just assuming it will go well. 

    Another thing you could do is try to set some some shots somewhere outside where you and him are seperated by something so he cant actually see you but hold hands or something :) at least get some day shots?  Like this (with a door between you):
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    Hey ladies,

    I was married on November 9, 2012. The ceremony was at 5 and the sun was pretty much set by that time. We did our first look photos at around 3 pm when the sun was still out. I get not wanting to see your groom before the ceremony and all, but the first look photos made everything so much easier. We and our bridal party were able to enjoy cocktail hour and we got some stunning photos outdoors in the natural light. I guess you have to decide what's more important to you: Photos of you together while the sun is still up, or his first glimpse of you being as you come down the aisle. Believe me, the first look photos in no way take away the specialness of the walk down the aisle toward your soon-to-be husband. Whatever you decide to do, good luck! 

    Edited to add: we were married in Lambertville, NJ (central western part of the state).
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