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Wedding Shower question

I need some etiquette help ladies.  I teach first grade and our social committee is holding a shower for the three girls (I'm one of them) who are getting married this summer.  My sister is also hosting a shower for me.  Many of my friends are people I work with.  Do I invite them to both showers?  Also, should I invite my FMIL to my sister's shower?  TIA!
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Re: Wedding Shower question

  • I would probably just invite your co-workers to the work shower unless some of them are in the WP. Typically BMs and the mother/FMIL get invited to all showers. They of course can decline coming to some if they can't make it, but it is nice to invite them to everything. The only shower I didn't invite my MIL to was the work one. It was small, just close work friends plus my mom, and it was three hours away. BUt I would definitely extend the invite to her for your sister's shower.

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  • Thank you for answering. I feel like I'm learning as I go with this!
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