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Lighting/Draping Recommendations?

Does anyone have lighting or draping companies that they would recommend that's not outrageously expensive? I was thinking of maybe adding some lighting to the dance floor or something. Thanks for your help!
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Re: Lighting/Draping Recommendations?

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    All Seasons Rental but I don't know how expensive they are.  Check with your DJ because that is who will be doing the lighting for our reception and its included in the price. HTH!
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    We are using Innovative Lighting - they have a bunch of packages in different price ranges some are expensive so aren't too bad.  Their is also a company called Lights Incredible.  I do know that some of the other rental companies will rent drap and lighting as well.  We went with a lighting company because we are having a monogram projected on to a big empty wall and they are designing the monogram for us.
    Good Luck!
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    I am loooking for the same thing! Let me know if you find anything budget friendly :)
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