Venue 911

I received this email from my venue today.

I just wanted to give you a heads up: The storm hit us pretty hard here, lost about a dozen trees and part of the cabin roof. All is well, getting a roof put on ASAP. But the wedding area isn't as you remember it.

We're working to get everything back in order but you might want to look for an alternate site? Don't know how long it will take.

This venue only cost 650$ to rent.

It is 7 months till our wedding. Their is no way we can afford anything else. We are also trying to get into our trailer.

Does anyone know any other venues around Chambersburg that allow outside catering and are pretty cheap. Please.....

Re: Venue 911

  • Check with the Carlisle Ribbon Mill...I can't remember how much it cost to rent, but you can bring in your own caterer and it's only a couple minutes off 81. Good Luck and sorry to hear about your venue!
  • Did you go out and take a look at the location yet?  Might want to check out the areas they have as an option before jumping the gun and paying more money for another location. 
  • If I were you , I would go visit the venue and see what they are talking about!  It sounds like the roof repair is going quickly (winter is coming!)....I'm thinking it sounds like a few trees blew down?  I wouldn't make a quick decision before investigating further.  Maybe it's not that bad.
  • They sent me a picture but I can't post it via my phone. There is a group of trees that are uprooted. And one other tree uprooted. And it didn't even hit like the main thing. I'm pretty pissed that they really think they can't clean that up in 7 months. And like you said they sound like the roof repair will go fast. I cannot believe they expect me to find somewhere else
  • Maybe they are afraid of being less than perfect and that you'll have a problem with it later?

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