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cake tasting notes -- thought it might be useful

We approached the task searching for a cake to feed 175 with a budget of $800.  Taste is the priority and we wanted a non-traditional design that makes our cake unique.  We sampled from Sin, Konditor Meister, Cappuccinos and Scrumptions.


Sin was closed this weekend so we ordered two cakes: chocolate bourbon and chocolate chip.  We also were given a free sample of cupcakes in champagne (light and really tastes like it) and devil’s food cake.  Our favorite was the dfc cupcake with Bailey’s filling.  The cake was dense, moist, and delicious.  The problem is in sampling a cupcake you only get a little filling.  Luckily we ordered the cake, which had like three layers of buttercream filling and the topping – too much buttercream for my taste.  The frosting tasted greasy and was way too much.  Price was acceptable starting at $4/slice.


Konditor Meister was next and by far the most impressive experience.  They have a large room specifically for tasting and provided us with like 8 samples of actual cake slices.  Pros:  when we asked about another filling she whipped it up for us to try, instead of fondant they use rolled chocolate which is very tasty, they were surprisingly affordable as in the cheapest of all our visits (start at $/slice despite the elaborate designs, they have an extensive portfolio to pick from and mix and match.  Con: European cake is typically a little drier (not dry dry, just not as rich and dense as the other flavors).  The filling was enough to carry it.  This was our favorite and our number one pick, only drawback was we liked the actual cake better at Scrumptions.


Scrumptions: they give you cakes and fillings and frostings to sample separately.  Best cake by far, though others have equally good fillings.  Con: most expensive.  A plain square, fondant rolled cake is $500 more than a decorated, detailed cake at Konditor Meister.  We’ll see what we can do.


Cappuccinos: not worth our time.  Cake was fine, chocolate ganache filling was delicious, but we had never tasted fondant before and were told we would have to come back and request it.  Who doesn’t have fondant available for a wedding cake tasting.  We requested to try gran marnier chocolate cake and could not distinguish the flavor from plain chocolate.  Apparently the owner wanted to win us over with his charm, he went on about how bombarded he was, how he hadn’t even gotten to finish setting up his display case and just look at the mess he made in the kitchen – he brought us back and showed us.  Um, didn’t inspire much confidence.  They didn’t have a lot of decorating options for us to pick from.  Just wasn’t feeling it.


Thought our impressions might help.  Happy tasting!


Re: cake tasting notes -- thought it might be useful

  • ayleeaylee member
    edited December 2011
    We went to 5 bakers including Konditor Meister and we booked Konditor Meister.  I was pleasantly surprised about their prices.  I haven't tried Scrumptions tho.  If you want to try another baker, try Montilio's.  They're a bit more expensive than Konditor Meister tho.
  • edited December 2011
    Excellent reviews! 

    We got a cake from Scrumptions for our RD.  It was all sorts of chocolate.  Very yummy.  We didn't do a tasting with them, we just ordered the cake.  It was delicious!

    Didn't KM get cited for health violations?  It was several years ago.  That would make me nervous. 

    Good luck with your search. 
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