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Questions for Florist??

I am meeting with a potential Florist tomorrow & was wondering if there was anything specific that I should ask??

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Re: Questions for Florist??

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    i changed my flowers (going on 3 times now) all the time. i would ask them if they are flexible with changing any ideas or visions you might have as it gets closer!
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  • fallbride1109fallbride1109
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    - When will they arrive on the wedding day?
    - How long before the wedding can you make changes (to either reduce or increase costs)?
    - What do they charge for setup/delivery/breakdown?
    - Do they offer mockups of your flowers so you can see them beforehand?  How much do they charge?
    - Be sure and ask if the flowers you want to use will be in season and available or if they will be more expensive

    That's all I can think of. 
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    I have visited 6 florists, and will be making a decision soon. here is some things i learned:

    Some florists will just "yes" you.  If you show them pictures of a bouquet you like, be sure to ask if those kinds of flowers could withstand the heat (if you're having a summer wedding).  Some flowers wilt instantly and it will not be your florist's fault. 

    With centerpieces, ask for dimensions.  They should do a sample for you for free (usually after you put down a deposit).  Make sure they take note of the dimensions of the centerpiece or number of flowers so there are no surprises. 

    Save any leftover fabric from your dress or your bridemaids dresses after they are tailored.  You can use the fabric to wrap around each of the bouqets. 
  • tattoochuxtattoochux
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    @sparkles and @stephie

    Wow, both of your answers were super helpful... I'm was completely clueless as to what to ask or expect of the florist... thanks so much guys!
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  • Phoenix10Phoenix10
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    Ooh, yes, good ideas! We're going to meet a florist next weekend, and I need to start thinking about this stuff. :)
  • fallbride1109fallbride1109
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    I agree with the PP--EVERYTHING should be included in the contract: size of vases, exactly how many of each flower, what size/color ribbon, etc.  This way there are no surprises.

    I did a centerpiece mockup but I had to pay for it--the cost of the arrangement was the charge.
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    Hello Ladies!
    I found this website to be extremely helpful in planning our upcoming April wedding! They let you download a free, printable wedding planner. I designed my own, but asked the same questions listed under the vendors! Hope this helps! :)

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