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Timeline HELP

Okay - what ideas can you suggest?

Ceremony - Queens, NY - 2 pm. (1 hour - 1 1/2 hours)
Cocktails/Reception - Carlysle On the Green, LI - 7 pm

So guests leave church in Queens at 3:30 - for the one's that travel and would not return home what should I do?

I can have Hospitality at the venue but that's only at 6 p.m. (an hour prior to the cocktail hour) I still have 2 1/2 hours - However, its a 45 minute drive from Queens to venue so I have give or take 2 hours

I can also do a small gathering at the hotel I blocked rooms for 2 hours.  I don't want to do liquor so I was thinking punch and soft drinks with just cookies maybe?

I just feel that this doesn't seem right yet.  I'm trying to figure out what else to do.

If my family's guests go to my home from church and my finance's family's guests go to their home after church that could work.  I don't want to put everyone on my mother - she's doing so much for me as it is. 

Let me have your thoughts - I'm open to any ideas.

Thank you all!

Re: Timeline HELP

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    What hotel are you booked at?  Is it halfway inbetween? Is there a bar?
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    The Sheraton about 10 minutes from the venue
    they have shuttle bus but only one and will make trips back and forth to the venue but I'm afraid people will get upset if they all cant get on the bus at one time - only 18 guests.
    and 20 of my friends from work are booking the hotel.

    I'm at a loss.

    any ideas are appreciated.

    thank you
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    Hi! I totally feel your pain because i was in the same boat. I had 4 hours to kill and had no idea what to do with my guests. I would suggest to stay away from alcohol because guests will be tired before the reception starts. I would try and find a cute coffee shop nearby or bakery and see if they will serve coffee and cookies are a reasonable price. People will be hungry by 4:30 and cocktail will not be for another couple of hours. You can use this time to have guests mingle with you and the groom (if you are not away taking pictures) becuase it is so tough to get to acknowlege all of the hundreds of guests once the reception starts. You can have  your photographers at this coffee shop and get cute candid photos of all the guests. your maid of honor can arrange pictures around the room and use this time to tell the story of how you and your groom met with a video/picture slideshow. If your bridesmaids and maid of honor can try and think of games (more trivia style) that engages your guests and helps them to get to know you and your new hubby a little more. This way your guests are engaged. They get well needed caffene and they feel acknowledged in this more intimate setting. you will love the photos you get with your guests at this time (one thing i wish i got more of). Most important is Coffee Coffee Coffee because starting at 2pm is a long day for your guests.
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    I love your idea!  I don't have a bridal party, just a MOH, and we'll all be at the venue taking pics.

    If I had the wedding in the city, like I had originally planned, I would have rented a city tour bus for everyone and send them on their way.

    Wish I could do that in LI.

    Thank you - thank you.
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