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Weird to take fall e-pics for a summer wedding?

I'm thinking about taking my engagement photos this fall because I love all the fall colors.  They are going to be outdoorsy, probably at the lake.  I'm getting married June 15.  Do you think it is weird to take engagment photos in such a different season than the wedding?  The reason I consider this is because I will probably use the engagement pictures for our save the date.  Will it seem strange to tell people to save the date with a photo that is so different from the wedding theme?  Should I go with fall photos, or should I get them done in the next few weeks while it is still summer?

Re: Weird to take fall e-pics for a summer wedding?

  • We did ours in the winter specifically so they would look different. I figured why not have snowy midwest engagement pics and sunny desert wedding pics!

    To me, fall pictures are gorgeous, so if that's what you want then go for it!
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  • We got married June 16 and our engagement picture session happened in October.

    Of course, it was unseasonably warm and most of the trees hadn't started changing colors yet, so it didn't really LOOK like fall... but still. 

    Why don't you just ask your photographer to take a few pictures that could be from any season? He's probably able to find a background like a building or something that wont make it scream fall. 
  • not weird at all.  we're having a winter wedding and had our e-pics on the first day of summer.
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