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New Jersey

Elite Entertainment - Photography & Videography?

My FI and I are strongly considering using Elite Entertainment (Eatontown) for our DJs, lighting, plasmas, photography and videography. I have absolutely no doubts about their DJing experience/abilities, but I've been having a hard time finding photography and videography reviews for them (Elite Digital Images and Elite Video Productions). The websites, albums, and video samples look good, but I still want some feedback from brides that have used them - is anyone out there familiar with them? Thanks!

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Re: Elite Entertainment - Photography &amp;amp; Videography?

  • I didn't go with them, but they are very popular. There are 3 great reviews for them on the NJ Knottie Review site under DJs (LINK). 
  • went to a wedding where they were the dj and photographer. I didn't see the pro photos yet, but they were very nice to the guests, weren't under foot and seemed professional. in talking to the photographer he explained that he is hired by Elite and also shoots on his own as well. I don't know if elite officially has their own people or not. it seemed more like they contracted out, which might be cause for a little concern. Hope this helps a little!
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  • As a matter of principle, we've avoided any all-in-one shops.  I'm sure they're great DJ's, but photo and video are an art and we wanted to work with dedicated professionals for that.
  • we are using them for DJ and have been great so far-answer our emails at 8pm and just have had great communication with Kris Abrahson there.  If we make a change on our online planning website-they call us that day to confirm its a change we want.  our dj is jay thompson for the wedding. 

    I did not know they did photography and we booked our own phot seperately-but i would scope out weddign wire and all the other sites to see if you can find reviews. see fi you can go down and meet with a photog and look at their work-its the best way 2 make the decision.  goodluck
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  • Totally agree.  We felt there was no way a DJ could do all that.  The photos and video are the most important part of your wedding.  It's what's left after your day.  Go to a professional like we did.  DIAN Photography www.dianphoto.com. Good luck.
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