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My fiance and I are getting married in Alaska where we met and live in September but we want to have the wedding reception in Marion where I am from. Does anyone know any cheap venue ideas or good catering in the area for cheap? I'm really on a budget for the food and venue! Any help would be great!!

Re: Marion Reception

  • Have you tried some of the local deli's, like Small's Food Store?  There's also Kindling in Carterville.  It's in the building where the Pioneer's Cabin used to be.  There's several Wedding/Event planners in Marion, but I'm sure you may get screwed on prices, but they may be able to recommend other caterers.  

    As for venues, I'm stumped on that one too.  My fiance and I am also having a difficult time finding a venue that will hold our large-ish party....  HTH.
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  • Venues that have capabilites for hosting such event include: VFW, The Legion, KC Hall, The Diamond club (located above Miners Ball Park), Field of Dreams Banquet Facility (in Carterville), Carterville Community Center, Marion Pavillion, just to name a few. There are several caterers in the area as well. As a general rule of thumb, no bigger their name, the higher the price, although this isn't always the case. I can recommend The Wooden Spoon Catering out of Johnston City/Stiritz. Their food is very good and prices very reasonable. The number is 618-579-4412 if you are interested.
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