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I am wanting to do a hair and makeup trial before I book with the girl I am thinking about using. I want to get the date booked and everything because I'm also planning on having her do my bridesmaids' hair. Do you think it is too early to do the trial in mid to late August? I have been collecting pictures for a while so I know what I want and everything, I just usually hear people doing their trials closer to their weddings! Any advice would help :)
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Re: Hair and Makeup

  • I would love to get my trial done closer if I could! For makeup I think it'll be fine, for hair it all depends on how you plan on keeping it for the next couple of months before the wedding. Me for example, I'm getting extensions beforehand, so it makes more sense that I get it done closer to the wedding. I'm sure it'll put your mind at ease though, so go for it!

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    If you know what you want I say go for it!  Even if you change your mind on the style/makeup you want, you will know if you like her work or not and how easy she is to work with :-)
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  • I don't think its too early.  Earlier might be better, so you have plenty of time to try out a few different styles, get pictures each time, and then decide which one you like best, or find a different stylist if you don't like working with your first pick.

    I'm planning to do my own hair and make-up, so I've already started trying out methods and plan to keep trying until I find a method I love and then practice to get good at it :D
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  • Thanks for the advice! That is a good idea about trying out different styles and taking pictures of them :)
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  • If you're pale or if you tan during the summer, it may be too early.  I know it is too early for a makeup trial for me because all of my summer freckles have come out, and they will definitely be gone by Feb.  
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