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How was Madonna? I'm dying to know.
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Re: For JCB

  • Glad you had fun! 1 am is so late for me too. I like to go to bed around 10 haha. Stinks she didn't have anyone open for her. Sitting around listening to a DJ for that long would def annoy me. I really don't know any of the music off of her new cd and tickets are expensive so I don't think I'd go see her again but I'm def glad I went once. There are some people you just have to see. I will always hate the fact that I never got to see MJ in concert.

    I'm sure they had big discussions about what to do after the shooting. Such a hard situation and I can see how people would get upset. There is a movie (can't remember the name) that had to re-shoot a bunch of scences beccause there was a scene just like what happened in CO. Scary that there are soo many crazies out there.
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