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Yay friday!

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I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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Re: TGIF WW Accountability

  • I don't think ill be doing so good this week - with the new house and everything ive had no time to go to the store or cook anything or even plan stuff! My mind is scattered and i even forgot lunch today!

    B: coffee (2), coffee (2)
    S: pretzels (3)
    L: forgot it. we'll see what kind of healthy thing i can get around here
    D: tbd hopefully something not too horrible for me too

    Total: 7
    Target:26 (got a long way to go!!)

    House Renovations
    Married Bio


    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

    I love you, Daddy...2/24/1953 to 2/13/2011image
  • Good morning! I am up early today and finally posting here before lunch time. :)

    b: egg whites (1), veggie sausage (3)
    s: yogurt (1)
    l: not sure.. we are going out to eat for a team meeting and I don't know much about the place.  I will order something healthy and use some weeklies if needed
    d: chicken and veggie quesadilla (5)

    total planned: 10 
    target: 19

  • Happy. Friday. lol that is all I can say!! I'm going to try to resist the temptation to eat fast food tonight. It's a bad habit I need to break about Fridays, even though I do try to pick the "healthier" options.

    B: egg (2) toast (.5)
    S: yogurt (1) granola (1)
    L: salad (1.5)
    S: crackers and cheese (2.5)
    D: pasta w/ turkey meatballs (7)
    S: WW candy bar icecream (3)

    E: DVD + 20 min treadmill

    total: 18.5
    target: 21
    WI: Wednesday
  • TGIF!  I weighted in this morning just to see where I am and oh boy am I in trouble.  I've been having a rough week (really a couple of months) at school which is resulting in me not graduating in May.  I've been frustrated and stressed and add in TOM and that led to FI and me going out for dinner last night that I could NOT afford the points for.  Oi vay.  I need to not stress eat, because is going to be there for 5+ more months.  Ugh.  Ok. Vent over.  Thanks for listening.

    B: Mocha (3)
    L: lean cuisine lasagna (6)
    S: fiber one bar (1)
    D: sushi (9) wine (4)

    Total: 23
    Goal: 23

    E: none-still hung over from the wine and delicious but fatty food last night
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  • lmark - how did your WI go yesterday?

    I'm proud of myself. I got up early to do 30DS this morning before work! WI is tomorrow... I'm hoping to hit 30 lbs!!!

    B: 2 eggs (4), spinach (0), tomatoes (0), fresh basil (0)
    L: BBQ chicken & black bean burrito (8)
    S: sandwich thin (1), peanut butter (2.5), crackers (1), lc cheese wedge (1)
    D: apricot-glazed chicken (8), mashed cauliflower (.5)  - didn't actually have this last night

    E: 30DS, ballet class (2 hrs). C25K Week 4 Day 3

    Total: 26
    Target: 29
    WI: Tomorrow!!!
  • Graceful- I totally forgot my lunch today too.  Hence my menu...

    Katie- Sorry you are so stressed.  Just try your best.  That's all you can do.  We all have OOPS days.

    Favorite- Well done on getting up early and working out.  Everyday I tell myself I'm going to get up and do the 30DS before work.  Hasn't happened yet. 

    I missed my weigh in yesterday because I was stuck at a meeting down town and I can't go to the Saturday make-up meeting because I have a training :( Oh well.  Hopefully next week will be a super loss...hopefully

    B- gnu bar (2), sf latte (2), string cheese (1)
    L- popcorn (1), applesauce (1), yogurt (2)
    D- chicken fiesta bowl (13) 

    E- Zumba (60 min)

    Total: 22
    Target: 27
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  • I hope everyone is having a happy Friday!
    B-coffee (1) Oatmeal (3)
    L-grilled chicken salad , ff dressing (6)
    S- WW cheese stick (1)
    E- 45 min spin class at 0545 this a.m. ugghh...but it's done and overwith. 
    Happy weekend everyone!!!
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