To Limo or not to Limo.....

So I have a transportation dilemma. Our church ceremony will be in downtown Sacramento and our reception will be Lincoln (about 35 mins away) With that, we can do a limo rental from the hotel (in downtown Sac where we are getting ready) to the church, and then from the church to the reception in Lincoln. Problem is, the bridal party and groomsmen will not have their cars in Lincoln to go back home that night. And we cannot afford to rent the limo from 12pm to 12am. At this point, my fiancée and I are about to just ride in our own car after the ceremony and have the wedding party do the same. Save us some money and many headaches. What would you do?

Re: To Limo or not to Limo.....

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    I'd save the money and skip the limo. In my opinion, limos remind me of prom.
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    I think I'd skip the limo. Or get a smaller one and have it just take the two of you. Then neither of you has to drive and you can enjoy each others company on the way to your reception.

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    I would skip the limo for the bridal party and just have it for your and your fiance.The bridal party can carpool there and it will be perfectly fine! =) You and you finace are the stars for the day so splurge on the limo or a fancy car for the two of you if you can.
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    Thanks ladies. Having the comments of other brides helps ALOT.
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