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Rhode Island

Looking for a CAKE vendor for Newport Wedding


I was hopping for recommendations for a cake vendor for my wedding in Newport, RI. I've heard great things about Confections, but to be honest, they have been really hard to get in touch with. Are there any other vendors people have used/had great experience with?

Thank you!!

Re: Looking for a CAKE vendor for Newport Wedding

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    I am still deciding but I have had great communication with Scrumptions.
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    we used cappuccino's in middletown for our newport wedding last september and they did a fabulous job!  we had a beach theme wedding and we really wanted a lighthouse topper for our cake.  cappuccino's was able to take our idea, and a couple of pictures we had of lighthouses we liked, and make the perfect lighthouse cake for us.  not only that, but their cakes taste so good!  we got the vanilla cake with raspberry cream filling and raspberry jam and it was to die for!  they also make you a complemenary replica of the top tier of your cake for your 1 year anniversary, so you don't have to worry about freezing it.  i highly recommend them!

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    I love Karen from Creative Cake Company, best piece of cake. She is based in Newport too.
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    We ordered our cake from It's My Party in Newport. After meeting with a few vendors (scrumptions who was three times expensive and wanted $75 or delivery and confections who would not make a cake for my 75 guests and told me I had to pay for a minimum of 100 slices) we decided to go with Amanda at It's My Party because she charges a reasonable price, $3.5 a slice, her work is amazing and she doesnt nickle and dime you for having a flavor other than white cake, adding a second flavor, adding small detail or delivery. Not to mention the store is super cute!
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    We used Shemry but she's in the Warwick area, not sure what the travel fees would be? 

    We just ordered a birthday cake from Scrumptions to feed 8-10 people, and it was $75.  Good God, I thought that was a lot of money.  The girl who took the order was either new (I'm hoping) or hates her job b/c it was a painful experience.  She just handed us the book of flavors and said, "Pick one."  Granted, this was for a small birthday cake, not a wedding cake, but I expected more from them!  She didn't know the answers to any of my questions.  We ended up just doing chocolate.  Boring, but I was ready to get out of there.

    FWIW, we did get our RD cake from Scruptions and it was DELICIOUS.  My MIL paid for it, I have no idea what it cost.  (It was also chocolate, which is why I figured that was a safe choice for the birthday cake.)
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    Thank you all so much! This is so helpful!
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    I have to say, Since I just finished my Cake findings, we realized that alll (ok most) of the Bakers not on Aquidneck Island were not only cheaper but charged either the same or less for the traveling fee.

    I just called Tiffs Wicked Cakes for a Grooms Cake and her travel fee to the Atlantic Beach Club is only $25. She is in W. Warwick.
    My baker is charging $50 travel fee.

    When we met with Fatullies (middletown) there cake didn't taste as good and there travel fee was insane to go only 5 minutes down the road.
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    Another vote for Cappucino's!
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    We went with scrumptions... Price was reasonable for what we were getting.  Asked for a quote for the same exact thing (we're doing a smaller cake and lots of cupcakes) from Cappuccinos and he quoted us over $100 more than Scrumptions.  And I didn't think the quality of the cake at Cappuccinos warranted the significantly higher price (plus, Cappuccinos wouldn't include a cupcake stand - we would have had to rent one from somewhere - but Scrumptions did provide one, and the fee was included in the quote, so actually Scrumptions was about $150 less than Cappuccinos).  

    I heard great things about Sin, but we didn't have time to do a tasting with them (we were only in town from FL for a day and a half...).  But a few different people recommended them, so you might check them out as well. 

    Happy searching!  (and tasting!)
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    We were thinking for our wedding next year of going with Awesome Sweets. Her cakes are so delicious (I get birthday cakes from her). They are moist and she is really good at what she does. She is based in Pawtucket, RI but she travels pretty much anywhere in RI. Hope this helps! Goodluck! :)

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    sorry  a little late on the posts but Mad Hatter in Newport has AWESOME cakes. I didn't get my wedding cake there but we get all of our birthday cakes and they can do almost any kind of cake. They are delicious too, which it seems like you can only get one or the other around Newport. I'm not sure on the pricing per slice but they're definitely worth giving a call ....http://www.madhatterbakery.com/
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    Oh, I just noticed on their site that they got the knot's 2010 award for best cakes!!!
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