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October 2012 Weddings

QOTD 12/12

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Or where are you going?

For those of you that already went, what was the best part?  Would you go back to that location again?  Bonus points for pics :)
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Re: QOTD 12/12

  • My dad's best from college rented as a cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio.  We're both from Ohio but live in Pittsburgh.  We knew he was sending us somewhere, and my dad said he thought it was going to be New Orleans.  So, at first we were semi-bummed because we wanted to go somewhere warm and didn't want to have to drive. 

    But it was AMAZING.  It was so nice being tucked away from everything and everyone.  The fact that it was cold and snowey didn't bother us at all.  the hot tub was extra warm then in contrast to the cold.  we spent three days just lounging around, watching tv, playing pool, enjoying the hot tub, and just having the most wonderful time.  about 20 mins after we got there, we both agreed we couldn't wait to come back!

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  • We went on a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas. Or, what was supposed to be a cruise to the Bahamas...we ended up spending very little time there because we got rerouted due to Hurricane Sandy! Better that than getting stuck in the storm, but I was still a little disappointed. The best part of the trip was going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. I love Norwegian cruises and would definitely do another, and I would love to go back to the Bahamas since we barely got to do anything there...just NOT during hurricane season!!
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  • We went to Ireland! I think the best part for us was just being able to have some time to ourselves after the craziness of the wedding. Plus the Irish love honeymooners so having people swoon all over us was ok too.

    Irish dancers at a pub in Galway

    Ross Castle in the Killarney National Park

    Funge the Dolphin that lives in Dingle Bay. Showed up 29 years ago and never left.

    Somewhere in the Dingle Penninsula.

    Rock Gardens at Blarney Castle

    H enjoying a beer at the Guiness factory in Dublin.

  • We went to Grand Cayman.  I told H that he was in complete charge of the honeymoon and my only request was that it was somewhere warm and on the beach.  He actually booked our honeymoon the day of our wedding!  We got an amazing deal for last minute booking :)

    We left Monday after our wedding and came back on Friday.  It was amazing!  We had gone there last year on a cruise and we knew we wanted to go back.  We relaxed so much, slept at least 10 hours each night (best sleep of my life!), went snorkeling, had a sting ray encounter, went to several beaches, went shopping, ate a ton, and just enjoyed each others company.

    Cemetery Beach

    Sting Ray Encounter


  • Ugh, it was so amazing, and I wish I was back.

    We went to Excellence Riviera Cancun, in Puertos Morelos, Mexico. It was just so beautiful and relaxing. For us and for this, I'm glad we picked some place where the hotel itself was nice enough to not feel bad about spending most of the time reading by the pool or on the beach with a cocktail.

    My pictures are all here, on my Tumblr (click.)
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    We went to Sandals Grande Antigua and would go back in a heartbeat!!  We loved just wandering around the resort since it was so big.  We also loved that you felt safe going into town.  Plus the resort staff was wonderful.  We have had one of the chefs cook us food that we bought from a market in town!!  I think that's a hidden Sandals secret.  :)

    I have pics , but TK isn't letting me post them :(

    ETA:  Pics added  :)

    The view from our room.

    Devil's Bridge

    DH and I at Devil's Bridge

    The beach
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  • WE moved my stuff out of my apt to DH's house :D lol
    that was our honey moon... and we got pregnant :P hehehe

    all in all worked out well! we might go somewhere for our 5 year anniversary.
  • We went to Disney :-)  We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn and had a great time!  Two not so great things happened though.  We got off the Disney Magic Express at our hotel and I took about 5 steps off the bus and tripped on the curb.  I scraped my knee open and that HURT and it was super embarrassing.  I cried and DH gave me a big hug and found a cast member to get a band aid (unfortunately, my scrape was beyond band aid size and it took three days to locate the knee size band aids!).  My knee was extremely sore for our entire honeymoon.  The second bad thing was that we arrived in our room and there were two queen beds instead of one king.  We ended up switching rooms after our second night since there were no king rooms immediately available.

    DH has most of the pictures.  We will probably go back to Disney when we have a baby (my goal is to go back before our first child is two and we have to pay for airfare).  That trip will be for us since the child will be too young to remember it!  Fortunately, my mother is also more than willing to join us on any trips we take to help us with our children (when we have them).

    Breakfast at Tusker House (Animal Kingdom)

    Dinner at Victoria and Alberts (Grand Floridian).  This was a gift from my parents.  They covered $400.00 of the meal.  We ate in the Queen Victoria room and the menu was 10 courses (1 course to stimulate the palate, 1 salad, 5 small plate meal courses, 1 cheese course, 2 dessert courses).  We split a bottle of wine.  The meal ended up coming to almost $500.00 (around $580.00 with the tip).  It was totally worth it and a once in a lifetime experience (though we'd like to do it again).
  • We haven't gone on ours yet, but we are planning on going in the summer to Eastern Canada. We're planning to visit Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. H is planning and paying for it, so I have no idea what he's up to!
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    we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake and also stayed at a cottage in Port Stanton (both in ontario).

    my fav part was being in a super fancy hotel.  there was a starbucks down the street so we ate there one morning.  David liked being at the cottage becuase it was more rugged.
    oh, we also went to see a movie and were the only people at the whole theatre...not just our showing but literally,the whole establishment.

    Hotel in Niagara

    cottage in port stanton
  • Cathy, we also went to Sandals Grande Antigua.  We absolutely loved it!  Everyone on the island was so friendly.

    The resort was beautiful and peaceful.  Our favorite part was sitting on the beds next to the fire pits at night.  We fell asleep there more than once. 

    The food was delicious and there were many options to eat.  I've been to resorts where it's the same food each night.  I was so excited for the variety!

    We would go back there in a heart beat.  We're also looking into other Sandals locations.

    We took an excursion to Barbuda, a sister island.  It was nice to see another island, but there was really nothing there.  The boat ride there was nice, but coming back it was rough.  We took dramamine, thank goodness!  There were a few sick people on the way back.  The beaches in Barbuda are pretty much untouched and gorgeous!  The sand is the softest I've ever felt.  It's actually plush.  The sand is also pink because of the broken coral that washes up.
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