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Who does the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner?
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  • DodgersBrideDodgersBride member
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    We go to both mine and FI's families. His grandma(dad's side) makes homemade tamales for TG breakfast. Then his mom's side and my family make a traditional TG dinner. I am in charge of making deserts even though I don't eat anything I make. This year I am making apple crisp and pumpkin cheesecake.
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    Normally we go to my in-laws, but we're staying home this year. So it will be a combination of me, my husband (making a pie from scratch) and Trader Joes!
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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    Ralph's is cooking the turkey and some of the sides this year!  For the past 5 or 6 years I have been doing the cooking.  Very happy to hand off the responsibility to Ralph's this year.  Now I'll get to enjoy Thanksgiving like everyone else.
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  • akavanaghakavanagh member
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    My mom does most of the cooking. I cook a few side dishes and bring them over!
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    This year, my parents are coming in from the east coast, and I'll be doing all of the cooking for them, my husband, and my brother who lives in LA. I'm excited because I love to cook, and I'm also a control freak...this way I can make what I want, how I want it! :)

    The past few years, we've done a potluck with friends who are also transplants and don't have family in town. That has been fun, too...just to make one or 2 dishes, hang out, no family drama.

    If we lived close to my family or H's family (they are all in NC), I'm sure we'd be eating at our parents houses and they would be doing most of the cooking.
  • jilly884jilly884 member
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    I believe Honey Baked Ham should do ALL the cooking!
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    For my family, we do a pot luck style dinner. We have way too many people in my family for just one person to prepare the entire meal for everyone. On my FI side, his mom likes cooking the entire meal. They have a much much smaller family than mine.

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    Usually I do the cooking, but this year we are going to his sister's house.  She told us not to bring anything, but I made a pumpkin pie to bring with us.
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  • nikojammnikojamm member
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    DH is in charge of the turkey... (2 this year, 1 roasted & 1 deep fried) along with other sides & such. I am not a cook...therefore i am doing appetizers, some sides & my yummy pumpkin pie dessert.  So we are totally sharing the responsibility.  As of now we are at 12 people!  Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
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