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Need some opinions:) My reception and wedding is at the Elms( if you are familiar with it.)  There are two ballrooms.  I have selected the smaller room because it has more character.  A fireplace, an outdoor lighted patio, a cool huge porch where you can put guest book, pictures, another bar if you want etc.  I picked this room planning on having more cocktail tables (not everyone will have a chair due to the smaller room). This way they can kinda walk outdoors or inside more of a "moving party". It might be a little tight with space due to around 215 on my guest list that I think will possibly attend.  Then I got to thinking maybe I should do the other room which is your basic ballroom that I do not love as much but everyone could have a table and chair.  We are doing hor d'ourves .  How important do you think it is for all your guests to have an actual seat?  Should I go with a more comfortable room for everyone or the room I love :).

Thanks girls.

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    I think this one is a tough decision. I'm also getting married at the Elms, in the Regent ballroom, in December. Our guest list is much smaller, but either way, the character definitely sold me on that particular room.

    Speaking from experience, as a wedding guest, I was on my feet the majority of the time. Either dancing or mingling with other guests. Maybe this is just my personality, but I don't like to stay seated much.

    I recently had a meeting with Amanda, and she said that they're no longer allowing two weddings to happen in the same evening - which would leave both ballrooms open for your big day. There was a wedding going on that day and a lot of the guests were outside. Have you asked them about utilizing both rooms? Maybe you can have the ceremony in the room with the fireplace and then move the reception into the big ballroom. Good luck!
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    Hello:)  Yes I have talked to them.  I am getting married outside at the gazebo so that won't be an issue but there is an event- not a wedding in the big ballroom the night of my wedding but the event said they would switch rooms if we wanted!!! Ahh I cannot decide but think I might stay w the regent because I am just loving the room and plan on using it and the outdoor patio for seating.  Thanks for responding and the advice:)  The Elms is lovely!
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    If my wedding weren't in December, I would defnitely use the lovely gazebo. Our florist works with The Elms a lot, and he told us they're talking about enclosing the gazebo for the colder months. I've been hoping it'd be ready by December, but their goal is to have it done by 2012... so we'll see! The Elms also is getting brand new chair covers, if they haven't already, to be used indoors. Since our ceremony and reception is in the same room, we don't have to pay for them, but you might ask them about using theirs unless you've already found some on your own. That's really nice of the other event to offer switching rooms for you. Kudos to them!!

    The funny think, I think, about using The Elms is that it's "haunted". I asked everyone to not disclose that to my guests. A lot of OOT guests are catholic and super-stitious. We'll see if anything exciting happens for us!
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