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Overwhelmed: Vent!

Ok. So.
I'm planning my wedding on my own, you guys already know this...I didn't hire a wedding planner because I'm really particular and I was afraid I'd bump heads with someone with their own ideas. I'm starting to regret that decision.
I'm using checklists galore. Checklists from Frugal Bride, checklists from The Knot, checklists from Michaels (BS<---). I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something, or I'm a step behind in my planning or that NOTHING is going to come together. I'm having nightmares, almost nightly now.
On top of that...My best friend is due on at the beginning of October, so I have to plan and execute her baby shower in NOVA. My girls keep asking me about my bachelorette but they've so far left it up to ME to plan it (WTF), 3 of my girls still havent purchased their dresses (THEY HAVE TO BE ORDERED THIS WEEK!!), Mens Warehouse SUCKS for tuxedo colors, and nobody can agree so far on when and where to have my bridal shower.
I'm still trucking but I can't help but feel like raising my hand and saying HEY DOES ANYBODY WANT TO F*CKING HELP ME OUT HERE?!
Ned was nice enough to take the Honeymoon planning into his own hands.
I am overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed.
I know that this is partially my fault. I keep getting "Let me know if you need any help." and "Let me know if you want me to do anything." but I don't delegate tasks to anyone but myself...What exactly can you put into other peoples hands?

I'd really like to dump my bachelorette party at this point. I don't want to plan it. If nobody else does, then I just wont have one.

Now go ahead...rip me apart. Tell me I'm being a HUGE bridezilla and I need to get a grip. Tell me I have 4 months before my wedding and I'm fine.


Re: Overwhelmed: Vent!

  • swjb2010swjb2010
    edited December 2011
    Aww, you're not a bridezilla! At least on that show those girls usually do the opposite of you. They expect everyone else to be doing all the work for them, whereas it sounds like your problem is not allowing anyone else to do anything for you! Anyway, it really sounds like you've taken on a full time job on top of what I'm sure is your already full time job. 

    And seriously, screw planning your own bachelorette party. You should not be doing that. I guess the main question is, would you be ok with not having one? Because if no one else is willing to pick up the slack on that, and you clearly don't have time to be taking that on, it might end up not happening. Where are your BMs on this? Have they talked about it with you? Have they implied that they expect you to be planning it? Could you ask your BMs if any of them would be willing to do it? I mean, if the only other things you're expecting of them are buy a dress, shoes and jewelry and show up for the wedding, it doesn't seem too demanding to me if you request that they take over the bachelorette party.
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    Screw you having to plan your own bachlorette party.  If the friends can't do that for you, you don't need to do it.  I am not having one, but that is personal preference.

    I don't understand how some can wait til the last minute to buy a dress...what the hell?  That is just asking for problems.

    I also am planning my own.  Thank goodness I got started early (like a year before), but I am sure I will be like you, stressing.  Sit back, take some breaths, and don't kill yourself over it.

    Good luck.
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