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Help! Vendor Tipping Advice

I'm just 3 days away from the Big Day and I need advice about tipping our wedding vendors. I just had a conversation with my mother about it and she doesn't really understand why we need to be tipping them when we're already paying them so much. I found 2 good tipping guides (one from The Knot and one from Martha Stewart) but I'd like to do a poll to see who should actually be tipped and how much.

Here are our vendors:

Wedding coordinator (banquet manager at the venue)
Photographer (and she has 1 assistant)
DJ (he's just an employee- doesn't own the DJ company)
Hairdresser (since she's doing it outside the salon she gets full commission)
Ceremony musicians (2 classical musicians)
Cocktail hour musician (1 acoustic guitarist)
Officiant (interfaith minister doing the ceremony onsite at the venue)

If you could give advice on who and how much I would appreciate it so much. Thank you in advance!!!

Re: Help! Vendor Tipping Advice

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    I have no clue, because I haven't gotten there yet, but I know there are a ton of posts about it on the E board. Good luck!
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    officant yes
    hairdresser, yes
    dj ..if you are happy
     event coordinator. no
    photo assistant if they are particularly helpful to YOU
    all private musicians...
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