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Not sure if any of you have had this, but I feel like I am in such a 'lull' right now with wedding stuff and instead of enjoying it, it is stressing me out~  There is so much I want to do/plan but feel like its too early at this point.  I have the location, photographer, JOP, and band all squared away.  We are doing the ceremony and reception at the same place and they basically take care of everything (food, cake, etc).  I already ordered my dress and BM's dresses and have a majority of the ceremony written (we just need to write our vows).  I have some DIY stuff I need to do, but can't really get started on that as most of that is related to programs, seating cards, etc... items that I wouldn't want to do too early in case things change (aka we pick a different reading/reader and the program is already created). However, at the same time I am stressed thinking about how much I will have to do come summer... when the weather is nice and I would rather be outside. 
Are you girls running into this... how are you dealing with it!?!

Re: Lull

  • Have ya seen my threads lately? Haha. Yeah girl I know how you feel. I think you hit the nail on the head here... there is so much I gotta get done this spring/summer that I feel helpless right now. Then I know I am gonna be in a huge rush to get stuff done because I can't do it now.

    I'd give you advice but I have no idea what to do myself, so if you figure it out lemme know! hahah.
  • I'm having the same problem.  I keep wanting to get everything squared away but I can't really do anything at this point for all the reasons you named.  I'm just trying to keep busy with smaller projects and making sure that everyone who is involved is communicating with each other (we had a huge "event" a couple weeks ago in regards to the shower so FI and I are still cleaning up that mess).  Are your BM gifts figured out?  Have you figured out hair and makeup at this point?  These are things that I need to work on, I'm just dragging my feet cause they're things I'm not great at.
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  • I think it's that 6 month mark creepin' up on us. It's action time and it's stressful. I'm happy I had so much done so early on because I am having fun now despite the stress.
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  • The past 6 months have been a lull for me because I've been so busy with school.  Now I'm still in school but hitting panic mode.  I told FI that weekends are wedding time for a while because I'm realizing I need to get so much done.  I wish I had my lull time back.  ;)

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  • Figuring out gifts for BM/GM and parents is what I have been trying to focus on now... since I can't do the other stuff... but I am really struggling with that also as both my FI and I have been in quite a few weddings in the past and most of the 'gifts' we have gotten were things we didn't really use much... or were meant 'for' the wedding, which I don't love (I am letting my girls wear whatever jewelry/shoes they want as I want them to feel comfortable look like themselves).  So I struggle with that also... i have 5 bridesmaids and he has 5 groomsmen, so we also can't spend a TON on each gift (I keep coming up with some great gifts if I only had 1 or 2 - haha)!!

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    I keep vacillating between feeling like I should be doing something and feeling like there is nothing I can currently work on. Our venue is also pretty inclusive so there are a lot of things I don't need to think about.

    I think part of the problem is that the venue coordinator generally won't meet with brides further than 6 months out. She (understandably) feels like your ideas change so much that it is better to wait. I have a good idea of all of the things I want for decor, etc but I don't want to commit until I have a better idea of the exact layout and stuff. 

    I should start working on my ceremony. That's the only thing that is past due on the checklist I created. 
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  • I am right there with you. I feel like I have all the "big" things done and cant do anything until later this summer. I am right past the 7 month mark and just got my dress and have the church, cater, ect so I am waiting. I am just ready to be married. I knew I should  have done a short engagement. 11 months is way to long in a long distance relationship. I am ready to not be 6 hours away from my future hubby!
  • I was just thinking about this, trying to come up with things I could do now, especially after seeing everyone's DIY projects! I can't even get into my venue until May so I don't have decor decided on yet and probably won't until June, favors are going to be S'Mores packages so they can't be assembled until no sooner than a few days before the wedding (no one wants stale graham crackers!). I'm stressing out trying to think about what I can accomplish now that will help alleviate the stress during the summer.
  • Tomorrow is the 200 day countdown for me and that really put things into perspective.  My main issue is that when I get stressed I procrastinate.  Right now everything is on hold until our next vendor meetings to hopefully pay everything off and then getting my invitations designed... or I might try a printout and mockup a pocketfold.  I have lots of "maybe or mights"  but I have just been sitting pretty and not doing a dang thing!  Someone needs to light a fire under my butt for sure.
  • I'm on the total opposite end of the spectrum!  I was in a lull for most of January/February and just had a huge planning weekend this past weekend.  Our planning is basically done, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I finish all this.

    It will pick back up once we get RSVPs and I can make our escort/place cards and the seating chart (that will be a nightmare!)
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  • In Response to Re: Lull:
    [QUOTE]I'm on the total opposite end of the spectrum!  I was in a lull for most of January/February and just had a huge planning weekend this past weekend.  Our planning is basically done, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I finish all this. It will pick back up once we get RSVPs and I can make our escort/place cards and the seating chart (that will be a nightmare!)
    Posted by SCogs18[/QUOTE]

    I did the same thing as you! I didn't do anything from Christmas until right now.  Now I'm going at it full blast to try to tie up all my loose ends/finish getting vendors booked. I just did a thousand things and basically just need now: a florist, rings, invitations, and a cake tasting. 
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  • Hit the 200 day mark today and I still have a lot to do. The "lull" moment hit me this morning...didn't even want to call the decorator about the changes.

    Since this is the crazy time of year in my office (budget season, two people quit and one on medical leave) along with helping FI manage two business doesn't leave much time for us to take off for appointments. So major to-dos we got starting on after attending a bridal fair in January. Within a little over a month and a half, we got the venue, cater, DJ, dress, flowers, photos, cake, invitations, STDs, decorations, registry, my hair stylist, honeymoon and finalized the guest list.

    Once the deposits are done on the decor and cake and the order for the STDs/invitations are done...we are taking a break until May. Only eight things left to do so I think we earned a break lol
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    Next week this time I will be at the 6 month mark.  Talk about stress.  It is why I hired a WP to keep me on schedule.  Work has me drowning.  Before the WP I wanted to cry.   My WP has really helped out a lot but still there is so much to decide upon that I just want to throw my hands up in the air! 

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