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Winter Wedding Photo Location?

My fiancée and I are getting married December next year. We have already planned to take pictures before the ceremony but we're thinking we want to take them somewhere besides our venue. Because it will probably be freezing, I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas for photo locations for the winter where we wouldn't be turning blue? Any thoughts?

Re: Winter Wedding Photo Location?

  • where are you looking on Long Island Nassau or Suffolk?
  • <div>We are getting married in Nassau so would prefer that. We're getting married in the Woodbury area so anything relatively close to that.</div><div>
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    [QUOTE]where are you looking on Long Island Nassau or Suffolk?
    Posted by sleepy&grumpy[/QUOTE]
  • inside at old westbury gardens (or outside if it's nice). about 20  minutes west. inside at vanderbilt mansion in centerport (about 25 mintues east) or outside if its nice.


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