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Is there any brides out there who bought and put together their own floral centerpieces? Any place you found good deals on flowers in the area or any suggestions would be awesome! I have proabably at least 15 to 20 tables to do and cannot afford a florist. Has anyone used the ladies down at Pike Place? I appreciate your info!

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    We didn't do flower centerpieces but we did DIY our BM bouquets and it was a piece of cake! Make SURE you do a trial run and take pictures so you know exactly what the end product is to look like. I suggest you look up hearty flowers or get the flower-perserving spray for them. 
    We used Florabundance.com because my aunt is an event planner and trusts them. The flowers were fantastic and were delivered with no issues. 
    Haggen always has really great flowers as well and they stay really fresh. 
    Another thing you can try... 
    Have you ever played with wet foam? I love the stuff.. It's the stuff that you soak in water (foam.. obviously) and then you just stick the heads of flowers into it.. 
    I made these for Thanksgiving.. 

     .... A WEEK before Thanksgiving. 
    Because you cut the stems so short, water has an easier time getting to the flower so they stay fresher, MUCH longer. 
    GL op!
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    I'll be going down to Pike Place and buying my own flowers, but I'm also getting married in the middle of the summer (and the peak of the fresh flower season), so that might not be as feasible. Are you looking to float them, arrange them? What did you have in mind?
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    I wanted something similar to firsttimersluck picture with tall rectangular vases and rounds of flowers on top, but I'm flexible. I just want it to look nice. I think Pike Place is probably the way to go, but I have read other brides say their flowers wilted a lot between the day before and the day of. I have NO idea what flowers they will have at the beginning of March though. Probably lots of the dried ones.
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    Wilted flowers in just ONE day means those brides dont' know how to handle flowers... (that sounds a little harsh.. but it's true :/
    Pike place will definitely be worth checking out what you're right, you may be stuck with a bunch of beautiful, but dried, flowers from there in March. Do you have a co-op near you? They will probably have the freshest... but Haggen and Whole foods always have awesomely fresh stuff too 
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    surprisingly, safeway's flowers can last awhile too.  FI bought me purple carnations around Halloween and I was so excited because I was going to use them in our graveyard setting - but dammit those bitches would. not. die!  i finally put them out still prettimuch alive on halloween almost 3 weeks after he gave them to me!
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    HA HA HA! Carnations are very hardy and they're coming back too! I have seen bunches of them in every color of the rainbow in square white vases as centerpieces and they're beautiful! I'm just worried that the quantity I need will be too expensive at a grocery store.
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    Costco has great deals on flowers, especially roses and carnations.  If you know anyone who has a card go check out their selection. 

    I always get my flowers at Northwest Wholesale florists.  The prices are wholesale but you do need to have a business license and be registered with them.  Before I had my business licence I found someone who did (a co-worker).  She was nice enough to come with me a couple of times and purchase the flowers...I just payed her back promptly. 

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    ^ like trish said, Nortwest Wholesale is AWESOME! My aunt is an event planner so she gets all of her flowers from there or florabundance.com and LOVES them. But you have to be registered, which is why I didn't mention it before... I suppose you COULD ask around though, and see if you know anyone with access :)
  • I would try Trader Joes as well, their flowers are beautiful and very reasonably priced.  I've also found that Fred Meyer's Mixed Bouquets are the cheapest around and are very nice and tend to last a long time (unless they are Tulips). I have known people that have gotten ahold of the people that do flowers at farmers markets, and they have gotten them to come out to their location and make the arrangements on site, they even did her bouquet (she just provided teh vases).  You can look up listings of farms that do flowers at farmrers  markets on cities websites usually, and they usually include contact information.
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