Ideas for firefighter theme wedding

I just got engaged to a firefighter back before Christmas. We are planning on having our wedding in September. I would love to have a firefighter theme wedding, but I'm running short on ideas. I want to do the red, yellow, orange color scheme.... have the bridesmaids wear orange and carry red, yellow, and orange flowers. The groom and groomsmen will wear orange polos and khakis. We will decorate with my fiance's fire helmets and probably have some of his other fire gear around. Also, my uncle has an antique fire truck that we will be borrowing. Aside from all that.... I'm out of ideas. I also need to find a place to have it. We are working on a very tight budget (less than $4000) so it would have to be a very inexpensive or totally free venue. I hope you ladies can come up with some good ideas! Thanks in advance!

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    You might want to page firegirlkorb on the baby board (thebump.com, cincinnati forum, or click on the tab up on the main page).  She had a fire themed wedding a few years ago.  If I remember correctly, her firetruck cake had l sirens.  Good luck and welcome! 
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    i'm not a fan of themes, but google can probably help you come up with ideas.

    i'd suggest keeping the theme as "wedding" because that's the most important part, and i doubt the fire department (while important) is all that you are as a couple and your relationship means to you. throw in a few subtle elements here and there -- groom's cake, firetruck cookie favors, fun table names.

    generally when i hear "such and such theme" i think 5 year old's birthday party.
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    You might want to check out the Cincinnati Fire Museum as a venue for your wedding or the rehearsal.  They have rooms upstairs where you can host an event. The room fees are very reasonable, though I can't remember off hand what they are.
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    I just came across this:


    I'm looking for favors to go with either my firefighter fiance or a Venetian gondola where we got engaged...so I'm still brainstorming :-)
    Good luck!
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    OK girls here are some tips:
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