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My Fiance is in the military and all of his buddies are spread out throughout the United States. I can tell that he is kind of bummed that he isn't going to get a bachelor party, any suggestions of how I can help?

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    Just because they're all over the place doesn't mean he couldn't have one. Does he know that all of these people would not be able to travel anywhere?

    You could also have a joint one if enough guys were able to show up to make it not awkward.

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    We are kinda in a similar situation and this is how ours seems to have worked out.....

    My FI is a vet and all of his buddies are all over the world. He says he doesn't care about a bachelor party, but I want him to have one. His friends won't be in town until a  week or so before the wedding. I've told him he needs to go out, even if it's to the bar with his friends to catch up.  I mentioned it when we went out with our two couples (my girlfriends who are also in our BP) that we double/triple date with frequently. The guys are all game to plan his bachelor party and insist that he have one.

    Good Luck!!
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    Great  idea! Thanks so much :]
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