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Rhode Island

Ocean Cliff or Regatta Place

Hi Everyone,
   I am really trying to decide which venue would be best for our wedding.  I want a July wedding, but I am concerned about bad weather at Regatta Place. Has anyone had there wedding there? What do they do if it rains during cocktail hour?
Regatta place fits our budget on a Friday or Saturday night, but we would have do a Sunday day wedding at Oceancliff. I would appreciate any input on what other brides have done or experienced.
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Re: Ocean Cliff or Regatta Place

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    I've lived in Newport my whole life and I feel like July is the driest month of the year.  So I looked it up for you, and I was right!:

    Weather.com says that July is the warmest & driest month of the year!  I'd say you'd be pretty safe at Regatta Place in July.
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    I personally prefer the look and feel of Oceancliff but I would pick the Regatta place so that I could have the Saturday wedding. As a guest I find Saturday weddings to be a lot more fun then Sunday afternoons. Although, you should keep in mind that having the wedding on a Sunday will be much cheaper across the board. The vendors will be cheaper and so will the hotel prices. Vendors will also likely be cheaper on a Friday night over a Saturday as well.

  • MrkyrainMrkyrain member
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    I was married last summer on July 31st at Regatta Place.  It poured.  They did the cocktail hour under the tent.  This is their business and they have alternate plans for anything that could go wrong.  Honestly I was so impressed.  Everything was perfect and beautiful even with the weather.  It really depends on your budget and the look/feel you are going for.  I just fell in love with Regatta.  Good luck to you.
  • BellaBride29BellaBride29 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm getting married July 2011 at Regatta Place and they've been great to work with so far.  I looked at both venues and personally liked the feel of Regatta Place much better.  Oceancliff was a bit too stuffy and ballroom-like for me.  We decided we really wanted the reception to be outdoors and to be closer to downtown.  We're also doing the ceremony there on the dock and if it rains they are providing us with an additional tent, same as mentioned above with regards to the tent for cocktail hour in case of rain.

    I think you have to figure out which place you see yourself at more and how much it matters to you to get married on a Friday/Saturday or a Sunday.  Good luck!!
  • ashleym0706ashleym0706 member
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    Thanks everyone!
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    I got married in June 09 at Regatta, it was dry until the ceremony was over and then it poured!  They quickly moved everyone (with umbrellas and staff) into the tent, as well as our Del's lemonade stand that was outside, they moved the tables so there was plenty of room to roam around, and they served cocktails and HD's under the tent.  I was completely relaxed and just as soon as the rain stopped, the flaps were rolled up and everyone mingled outside again.  Flawless.
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