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100$ per person private sampling of menu reasonable?

We are making arrangements to view a stunnning  venue that provides its own F&B Seeing this is a destination wedding we are unable to get our dates to coincide with their quarterly tastings they have scheduled.

We are now set to visit early next month and we explained that for a 100+ guest list and pretty costly F&B we would like to make some kind of arrangements to sample the food. 

No doubt, accommodating they are, I received a prompt email suggesting booking a private tasting, as their next quarterly tasting for booked brides is not until February. The private tasting is $100 per person, and we will be limited to the food options that are being prepared that weekend. I was told that If  we have a general idea of what you would like to sample from their menu, they can definitely look at what events are coming up and figure out a day that works for us and them. 

Would you say 100$ per person reasonable ?Keeping in mind  it would have to be on the dates that their  kitchen is already preparing the items I am interested in. 

I would very much like your advice before responding . What is the best way to approach this ?

I hate to not proceed any further because the only way I am comfortable committing to $$$$$ we would be by spending 300$ for the 3 of us to sample a not that gourmet menu.

Re: 100$ per person private sampling of menu reasonable?

  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    I think it's ridiculous for them to make you pay that much to sample the menu when they're not preparing food specifically for you.  Shoot, it's ridiculous even if they were preparing the food specifically for you.

    Have you already booked the venue?
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    No we haven't booked anything yet. You would think that they would be using the sampling as a sales tool, right ?

  • mary1217mary1217 member
    edited December 2011
    At our venue we were able to eat dinner for free to try the quality of the food.  That is a lot to try their food for somewhere you are going to be spending a lot of money for the event itself.
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    I am hoping that there is a mistake somehow.
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    My venue is letting me and whoever I want go to as many tastings as we want until the day of the wedding at no added cost.  They have them every other month and Fiance and I have already been to one, my Mom is coming down for the next one and the three of us will go and the final one before my wedding I plan on going with my fiance and a bridesmaid.  They do have a limited menu when they host them so they recommend you come to as many as you can so you can get the best range of seasonal things as well as different sides everytime.  I pretty much loveee my venue for this among other reasons.
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    Now that is nice. I have decided not to pay that kind of money and instead have asked a family member that lives in the area to go on our behalf and report back to us. 
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    That is insane and I hope you don't use them. Where I got married we were able to taste the food for free. There is no reason why they should be charging.
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    That is absolutely crazy!!! I wouldn't book with them on sheer principle but that's just me. Good luck with your planning!
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