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Help!! Looking for a reception site in wny that contains the following

My fiance and I are planning a wedding for hopefully the first week in October of 2012.  We live in Lockport NY and due to the uncertainty of weather conditions in our area we are looking for a reception site that is indoors and that includes the following.

Our theme: outdoorsy! i.e hunting, camping etc.

Budget: Not set in stone (no pun intended!) However, we would rather not spend a fortune. We are paying for nearly everything ourselves and only one of us has established our career (Not me =(  ) We recently bought a house and both have a car payment. Hence, inexpensive!

# of Guests: betwwen 225-250

What we are looking for:

Something very similar to this:

-Lodgy feel

-Allows us to bring in our own cater

- Perhaps have a campfire weather permitting

-Round tables

Tonawanda Sportsmans Club is probably the closest but only allows for 175 and you must use their caterer.

Bonds Lake hold 200

Please Help!!

We looked at Camp Kenan, too small. I don't want to get stressed =(

Re: Help!! Looking for a reception site in wny that contains the following

  • degreadegrea member
    edited December 2011
    Akron, NY: http://www.timberlodgebanquet.com/

    Might not be what you are looking for but only thing I could think of.

    You might want to consider renting a hall or something in your local town. I know we have a few building that you can rent for the day that might work for you.
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    Have you tried looking at the lodge at Emery Park in Wales, East Aurora area??
  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    I went to a wedding last summer at Beaver Hollow Conference Center.  I never even knew this place existed until we were invited to this wedding!  I was a little skeptical because I'm not exactly "outdoorsy", but it was beautiful for someone who is looking for what you are!  Everything was on-site, which was nice.  Here is some of what I remember...
    Their ceremony was outside next to the lake and it was gorgeous, even though it was lightly raining all day.  Luckily, the rain stopped in time for the reception.  We walked to the pool area for cocktails and appetizers.  Then we walked over to an outside pavillion.  They had their dinner and dancing in the outside pavillion next to the lake, but there is also an inside lodge option.  Honestly, the food was just ok, I wasn't impressed.  The scenery, however, was beautiful.  The dance floor was a huge wood deck overlooking the lake and the moonlight reflecting off the lake was very romantic.
    They have hotel rooms on site, which most of the guests booked.  After the reception, we went back to the room to change and then went to a bonfire where they had snack foods, marshmallows, and a keg of beer.
    Was it my cup of tea?  Not really.  But the venue and events of the day were well planned.  Again, the food wasn't amazing.  It seems like just what you are looking for though... Here is the website... www.beaverhollow.com
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    Vizcarra Vineyards is wonderful- outdoors and very open...you can't bring in your own caterer, but they will customize your menu to your specifications and all the food is from within 100 mile radius to the vineyard. Its also a family owned an operated vineyard/farm and they have a bonfire there for you to utilize. We are getting married there this August and are so excited! Good luck to you-

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    I cannot read your whole post, it is all garbled on my page, but have you ever looked into the College Lodge in Brocton via SUNY Fredonia? When I was in college I worked there as a care taker and it is breath taking.

    ~ CA
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    for what u r looking for, I second Beaver Hollow. It's very nice, but it is als on the pricey side (depending on ur budget). Good luck in ur searchSmile
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