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Possible BM Dress?!

Found this dress for $30. I wanted to see what you ladies thought about it for my BM's. It is one of those multiway dresses and I would possibly let each girl choose the way she wanted to wear it.  Let me know what you think of them and if you think they would look nice with my dress?!


My Dress:

BM Dress Option:

Re: Possible BM Dress?!

  • bmetz34bmetz34 member
    ooooh I like it... I saw something like that once on My Fair Wedding by David Tutera... who knew you could get the same effect for only $30!
    8/12 March Siggy- reception venue!
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  • Personally, I love the convertible dress! And it looks like it would go well with your dress and your overall theme, colts!
    Updated 8/9!
  • Love it! If you don't mind my asking - where did you find it for $30!?
  • I love it!! Very pretty!! I however do think that I think the styles with longer sleeves but look a little weird with the other styles, I think the other styles are more wedding styles, but that is just my thought :)
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