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In-laws want to come to bachelorette party

My fiance's mother and cousins want to come to my bachelorette party, and have assumed they are invited.  I really only wanted it to be my close friends.  How should I handle this?

Re: In-laws want to come to bachelorette party

  • Ditto PP. Let your hostess take care of any guest list questions. If they ask you point blank if they are invited, you can always refer to the hostess about guest list questions and let them know she is in charge of sending invitations, or you can come out and say that you think it will probably just be a very small group of old friends.

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  • another option would be to have a bridal tea party... say something about this would be a better opportunity to meet your new family members with a sit down occasion rather than a pub crawl city run.
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