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What Chinese readings are you using?

I'm an ABC, but would like to have our parents read something in Chinese during the ceremony.  Does anyone have suggested poems, etc. that they used or will be using? 

I feel that a lot of Chinese poems are sad, so I hope you can pass one along that is happy!

Re: What Chinese readings are you using?

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    Oh noo! I was hoping someone else had posted some sage advice when I came across your post. I am in the same boat -- looking for some meaningful, perhaps translated reading of chinese origin. It doesn't have to be religious but it has to at least be spiritual. I scoured the internet and came up with nothing. :(
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    My fiance's mom selected some Confucius vows, but quite frankly, it is WEIRD when translated and "not so happy".  Still deciding whether or not to let her use it or more likely, have her read an English selection and she can translate that into Chinese should she so choose.
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    I'm looking too! I wanted to have something read in Chinese during the ceremony by my brother.

    I love the story of Chang'O (Moon Festival) but it's so sad
    Fairy of the Magpie Bridge
    Qin Guan of in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

    Yonder clouds weaving together
    Amidst the flaming stars
    Drifting along the heavenlies
    Bringing two Lovers from afar

    The Lovers’ rendezvous tonight
    Adorned the autumn sky
    No joy on earth e'en a hundred thousand times
    May compare to the Lovers’ meeting eyes

    Precious and tender, the Lovers’ love
    ‘twas like a beautiful beautiful dream
    Yet gazing mournfully at the magpie bridge
    That will set them apart again

    But Eternal Lovers if they were so
    Will time apart they not endure?


    鹊桥仙 宋·秦观
    飞 星传恨

    When Two People Are at One - I Ching

        When two people are at one
        in their inmost hearts
        They shatter even the strength of iron
        or of bronze
        And when two people understand each other
        in their inmost hearts
        Their words are sweet and strong
        like the fragrance of orchids.

    I'm thinking of using this one as a quote on our programs
    Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
        Without words, without even understanding,
        lovers find each other.
        ... The moment of finding is always a surprise,
        like meeting an old friend never before known.

    Try googling Chinese Love Poems, Chinese Readings, Chinese Ceremony Readings
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    Good finds!  I especially like the Lao Tzu ones.  Now to find the han zi for them... and politely ask my MIL to read something different... 
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