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I am planning my wedding for this August. I have recently been looking at Yachts because of pricing and inclusiveness. I like the Newport area. There are several companies in Newport and the 2 i visited are Newport yachts and Electra. Ive been reading the reviews on electra and most are good but the ones that are negative really harp on their customer service, which i think is very important. If you have any thoughts or reviews or suggestions on other yacht companies please share...THANKS


  • I recently booked with Electra and it has been ok. My "wedding coordinator" drives me crazy and I'm thinking of calling and seeing if I can get another one. I've asked her to e-mail me on specific things (like when she recieves a check sent by mail) and I have to contact her to find out. I also talked to her about including things in our contract that she didn't and then told me to put in and she'd sign off on it. Its nothing huge, just kind of annoying that I have to check on these things. 
  • Her name is Susan P. I forget her last name. She's not terrible or anything, just from reading reviews it sounded like other people LOVED their coordinator and they were super helpful. Also, I'm not having the ceremony on the boat I'm only doing the recepetion, but I don't think that should really have any effect on her. Oh well. I'm still excited its definantly a unique place to have a ceremony/reception and I think should be wonderful!

    My videographer got married on Electra Cruises and he said he loved it. And from what I've read it seems like everyone really liked their day of coordinator as well. So good luck on everything!
  • Update: I called and got my planner changed. I LOVE my new one! Her name is Heather G.
  • I've heard they are good, but to use your own vendors.  The ones they supply are cheesy.
  • I went on an electra cruise as a bridesmaid for my current MOH, It was very nice, the food was good, the whole thing was fun but it was TOO SHORT! I have no idea how long we were on the boat but I do remember the sunset and then they kicked us off the boat in the early evening and I was so dissapointed! I wanted to keep partying! I haven't been to very many weddings but this stuck out in my mind so much that I made sure we have the venue at my wedding reception for six hours.  
  • I booked with them back in july.. so far so good. I do agree with  the time i feel that it is short so I am trying to see how much more it will be to extend the time on the cruise. I like the fact that im not crazy stressed trying to find vendors. I did take one thing out which is the pastor who will marry us. We want it to be someone we know a little more personal. I would recommend them...
  • Please tell me this thread is still going!!
     I am currently working with Susan, but missed our first appointment due to a family emergency. I am curious about pricing. And if any brides care to share, I would be forever grateful! I am just trying to budget, but with all the extras it gets confusing. . . . . 
    I know with the Destiny, there is a 100 person minimum.. Has anyone had less than 100 guests on this particular yacht? If so, did you get to add on any package or discount in place of the extra heads?
    Thanks girls.....
  • I recently booked my wedding on electra cruises for July 26th, 2013. We put the deposit down and I havent heard from anyone since the money was recieved. Did any of you get contacted by your planner? Im not sure what the next step is with the planning.
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    [QUOTE]Update: I called and got my planner changed. I LOVE my new one! Her name is Heather G.
    Posted by ccollins327[/QUOTE]

    How was your wedding on electra cruises?  whar boat did you have.  we are considering a Sunday afternoon wedding in July.
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