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Four Months! AHHHH!!!!!

I'm soooooooo excited! I wish it was here already!! Started working on my invites! I ordered a couple sample pocket folds from cardsandpockets.com, hopefully they work out! Aside from that, just small details to work on! 

Re: Four Months! AHHHH!!!!!

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    Woop woop!! I love looking at my ticker with exactly 4 months :) Today is one of those days where I feel like the wedding is never going to happen and 4 months is an eternity away lol. I'm sure it won't start to feel real until a week or two before! Or maybe when I get my hands on my dress ;)

    Congrats on the invites! I need to start doing them too--right now they're sitting in boxes in my living room just waiting for me haha. Make sure you go to your local post office to determine how much postage you need with a complete assembled invite! Never ever thought I'd spend this much on stamps!!! 

    One more check off the list for me today: I ordered our groom's cake and am super excited about that :) Yay!

  • yay!!! I love how far down our tickers are!!  i remember when mine wouldn't move b/c I had over one year!

    I am addressing my envelopes this week and am expecting a custom stamp I ordered with our return address...can't wait to send the invitations out soon!!

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  • Yea! I can't wait! I'm getting very excited now! It's starting to feel more real!. My fiance and I did our registries this weekend, bought our wedding bands, picked out tuxes, and picked up the bridesmaids dresses. I still have to finish a few invitations, but the majority of those are stuffed and addressed and ready to go in two months (yay!). The only things that we have to get done still before we get really close to the wedding is to meet with our venue one more time to tell them we finialized our menu and then to meet with our dj. YAY!
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  • Wooo! I joined the four months to go club today :
    Best of luck to you and yours!

    Feb 22, 2013
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